A Montana Church Will Host a Right-Wing Militia Group Opposing “Mask Fascism” March 22, 2021

A Montana Church Will Host a Right-Wing Militia Group Opposing “Mask Fascism”

According to the Montana Post, a progressive news outlet, members of the Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church in East Helena are recruiting a militia to end mandatory mask requirements and the so-called “Communist occupation” of the country.

Over the weekend, members of the church allegedly passed out flyers promoting a group called “Tactical Civics,” which describes its mission this way:

This republic of sovereign States, founded in the Name of Jesus Christ and blessed for centuries, is now under Communist occupation by D.C., Beijing, and many state palaces.

The massive fraud in the 2020 election, combined with the criminal COVID-19 hoax were the work of criminals in the Deep State, DNC, Communist county machines and governors, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Communist China, Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS…destroying our economy and keeping Americans in concentration camps with no communication between us.

American Militia 2.0™ is our label for the ‘re-launch’ of our Founding Fathers’ constitutional Militia. Working with your Grand Jury, you and your neighbors not only suppress insurrections and repel invasions but enforce the Law against ‘untouchable’ private-sector criminals (Big Tech, paid ‘astroturf’ mobs of violent thugs) and public-sector criminals who are destroying America’s families and businesses with fascist, lawless orders.

That will come as a shock to all the judges (some of whom Trump appointed) who found no evidence of voter fraud, the families who lost loved ones in the pandemic, and survivors of actual American internment camps. I’m sure the president of Antifa and the one person who thinks FOX News and Black Lives Matter are on the same side of anything will also have much to say.

Montana Post writer Don Pogreba described this interaction between a church member and a stranger:

One person who received the flyers described her encounter. The members of the church, unmasked, “banged on her door” around 1:00 p.m. and “handed over a flyer and smirked at me because I was wearing my “VOTE” mask.”

He also has images of the flyer.

There’s nothing on the church’s website that suggests any sort of formal alliance with this group — or anything overtly political — but the flyers say that an organizing event for the militia group will be held at the church on April 6. That meeting is not listed on the church’s website.

We reached out to the church last night for comment about this event and their role in it. Interestingly enough, within hours of sending our message, the church’s Facebook page was shut down. Make of that what you will. We also emailed them for comment last night, but they have not responded as of this writing.

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