Lou Dobbs: Trump Faced a “Venomous Assault” Like No President Other Than Lincoln January 16, 2021

Lou Dobbs: Trump Faced a “Venomous Assault” Like No President Other Than Lincoln

During an interview yesterday with MAGA cultist and Trump sycophant Pastor Robert Jeffress, FOX Business Channel host Lou Dobbs claimed that no president has suffered the kind of “assault” Donald Trump has seen… outside of Abraham Lincoln.

Three other presidents have been assassinated.

His legacy will endure. Also enduring are the corrupt forces within our government who worked against him for more than four years — as I said, trying to destroy the man. Not just the president, but the man. It is the most vile venomous assault ever conducted against a president in our country’s history, short of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln… This is a nation that can’t heal, that cannot come together until we understand the truth and the reality of what we have witnessed over the course of the past four years of this man’s presidency.

Jeffress, of course, agreed completely.

These men have very short term memories. Barack Obama was constantly the victim of right-wing lies and smear campaigns that were never based in fact, often from Dobbs himself! Other presidents have been criticized for the duration of their term because that’s part of what the job entails. In Trump’s case, however, no other president arguably deserved as much criticism as he got, and he still hasn’t paid any kind of serious price for it.

You can’t work with a man who doesn’t understand the job he applied for and who doesn’t care about doing it well. Trump used the office to boost his personal brand. We’ll be feeling the effects of his vanity campaign for generations to come.

Dobbs and Jeffress are too stuck in their bubbles to understand why so many other people have good reason to despise and denounce Trump.

If Trump’s legacy endures, it’ll only be as a cautionary tale.

(Thanks to Mark for the link)

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