Robert Jeffress Blames “Kingdom of Satan,” Not Christians, for Capitol Siege January 10, 2021

Robert Jeffress Blames “Kingdom of Satan,” Not Christians, for Capitol Siege

Pastor Robert Jeffress, the longtime defender of Donald Trump, is now claiming Real Christians™ had absolutely nothing to do with the Capitol siege… even though there’s plenty of evidence that Christians were on the scene, hoisting banners with the name of Jesus on them or even more blatant symbols of the faith:

But since facts have never mattered to Jeffress, he said on FOX News this morning that Satan was responsible for the coup.

… We’ve got to acknowledge that what happened Wednesday at the Capitol was not only a crime, it was a sin against God. The people who stormed that Capitol, the people who killed that police officer, were not a part of the kingdom of God, as some people claimed; they were a part of the kingdom of Satan

And then he went on to spread some bullshit about “cancel culture.”

Just to be clear: Many of the rioters were Christian. They bragged about it. They advertised it. They’ve been using violent rhetoric for years. They still are. I’d bet some of them were members of Jeffress’ church or at least churches like his.

You don’t get to blame Satan for something Christians did after spending years in the pulpit lying about how Christians are being persecuted. Jeffress himself trashed Christians who supported Biden in August, saying they had “sold their soul to the Devil.” The only real Christians in his mind are the ones who vote Republican (and apparently don’t embarrass him with a failed coup).

Jeffress is unable to complete a two-dot puzzle. He refuses to accept that his bigotry and rhetoric about Democrats over the past several years helped fuel the riots. He’s complicit, too. And as usual, he’s deflecting and blaming everyone else.

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