Christians Will Again Walk in Circles Seven Times to Overturn Election Results January 1, 2021

Christians Will Again Walk in Circles Seven Times to Overturn Election Results

Last month, conservative Christians hosted “Jericho Marches” in various cities, gathering at state capitols and “march[ing] around them seven times until the walls of voter fraud and corruption fall down.”

It didn’t work. The election results weren’t overturned. Donald Trump is still a loser.

So now they’re trying again, because maybe God just didn’t hear them the first time.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the same people who thought racist Christian sucker-puncher Eric Metaxas and the MyPillow guy could successfully encourage a coup are going to hold more rallies.

Marchers plan to blow ritual Jewish horns called shofars on the first day before circling the Supreme Court building seven times in imitation of the Israelites’ siege of the city of Jericho described in the Bible’s Book of Joshua. On Wednesday, they plan to do the same around the U.S. Capitol building.

The demonstrators will also pray that Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress will reject slates of electors from Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Nevada, where Trump loyalists claim there was rampant election fraud.

Pence hasn’t offered any indications that he’ll go along with the coup. Which means this will be nothing more than deluded Christians walking in circles repeatedly, in the cold, hoping for God to intervene when the election already made clear that God is on Joe Biden‘s side, or God’s votes were outnumbered, or God had nothing to do with anything.

It’ll be a reminder that Trump-worshiping Christians aren’t going anywhere in the new year. They’ll be an unwelcome force for both the Republican Party and evangelical Christians to reckon with for a long time to come. Which is good. Let them deal with the monsters they created. The rest of us — the ones in the majority — will do our best to move on.

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