An Anti-Abortion Activist Filmed Her Own Sitcom. It’s As Bad As You Think It Is. October 16, 2020

An Anti-Abortion Activist Filmed Her Own Sitcom. It’s As Bad As You Think It Is.

About four years ago, anti-abortion activist Janet Porter, president of the conservative group Faith2Action, released the trailer of her anti-abortion romantic comedy What’s a Girl To Do?

I repeat: An anti-abortion rom-com. (Because nothing is more romantic than forcing a woman to give birth against her will.)

The film “starred” people like Stephen Baldwin and Victoria Jackson and Gov. Mike Huckabee and Rep. Steve King… and the trailer was exactly what you’d expect from those Z-listers.

In short, the film was all about Porter’s romance with the son of a pro-choice lawmaker. But the film was never released. Why not? As she explained to a (not socially distanced, mask-free) crowd during Rick Joyner‘s Harvest Fest conference last weekend, she couldn’t get the money she needed to complete the film. Investors gave her $2 million, apparently, but she needed $4 million.

So her manager “reallocated” the cash she had on hand, and she spent $100,000 filming a trailer for a sitcom pilot titled — wait for it — What’s a Girl To Do? It’s the remains of her failed film. And it has the same caliber of acting talent and all the humor you’d expect from a person who spends her life trying to control other women’s bodies.

It’s like a Where’s Waldo? for jokes. The Room had more genuine humor than those three minutes of your relatives trying to be funny during an awkward family reunion.

Porter explained that 13 episodes are already written and she needs money to complete the season. Which is probably true since the only way anyone would ever watch this is if she paid them.

People like her constantly decry Hollywood, but they’re so desperate to be a part of the club. If they ever found actors, writers, or a sense of humor, they might get closer to that dream. Instead, the only upside here is that Porter spent time and money producing this garbage instead of trying to push anti-abortion legislation. I’d call that a win.

By the way, Porter created another film in 2015 — also starring Mike Huckabee for some reason — that was all about how The Gays are setting the world on fire. Just a stellar track record for her.

This is what happens when you live in a bubble surrounded by people who don’t have the heart to tell you that you lack talent.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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