Missouri GOP Candidate Rejects “Demonic Ritual” of Wearing Masks During Pandemic September 13, 2020

Missouri GOP Candidate Rejects “Demonic Ritual” of Wearing Masks During Pandemic

Saundra McDowell recently ran for governor of Missouri, only to get blown out in last month’s Republican primary. The MAGA cultist earned 12% of the GOP vote, compared to 75% earned by the sitting Gov. Mike Parson.

But I just want to give you an idea of how batshit crazy she is just in case she ever decides to run for office again. Because someone this eager to merge church and state while rejecting basic science in the midst of a pandemic should never be getting votes, even in a Republican primary.

On Thursday, McDowell posted this image on Facebook, proudly boasting about how she wouldn’t wear a mask inside a Walmart (where masks are required).

I walked in Walmart tonight without a mask … and I refuse to wear a mask anywhere I go from NOW ON unless I choose to! That’s my right… as it is yours!!

But really…. this is not about masks… masks are just a symbol of deception and oppression. Its compliance training for what’s to come. It’s about control and instilling fear in America. Fear is not of the Lord, but of the enemy. Despair is the absence of faith! This is all part of a demonic ritual to get rid of our individual God-given rights. BLM just said it… it’s a spiritual battle… they are chanting to dead spirits practicing witchcraft. Our bodies… our faces… are created in the image of God. We shall not veil our faces spiritually or practically. 2 Corinthians 3:13-16

Our country was founded on freedom and liberty for all… and God was the author of our nation and that freedom and liberty. Not people! God! Their faith in God!! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty!! 2 Corinthians 3:17

Jesus Christ, she’s insane… (No wonder she graduated from Pat Robertson‘s law school.)

Masks are meant to protect other people from you. It’s possible many people have COVID even if they’re not showing any symptoms. McDowell isn’t sending a message about individuality and God; she’s telling the world that she doesn’t give a damn about anyone else’s health.

She went even further in a follow-up Instagram post:

We ALL need to be leaders in our communities!! LEAD BY EXAMPLE
✅ Be the first to take off the mask!!
✅ Stand up for our God-given rights!!
✅ Start talking about God!!

The only way we can bring this country back from the destruction and chaos that WE HAVE ALLOWED to happen… is through God!!

It’s a lonely feeling to be a leader WHO HOLDS THE LINE!! People don’t like it when you hold the line. They don’t always say nice things.

However, our mission should be to bring the truth!! Truth is not always easy for people to hear… but the truth will prevail and it will set us free!

She literally wants people to remove their masks and talk about God. If a Muslim ever said anything this wildly idiotic and dangerous, she’d never stop complaining about it.

Pandemic regulations aren’t about deception or oppression or compliance or control or fear or anything else conservatives want to claim. They’re about following the science to get defeat a disease. Prayers aren’t going to cut it. God isn’t going to suddenly stop it. The countries that have gotten past the virus did it by following the science and listening to the advice of epidemiologists, not letting religious zealots run amok and ignore safety precautions.

If you want to defy authorities, read a “banned” book. Stop embracing the virus for the sake of Jesus.

A side note: The governor’s race wasn’t McDowell’s first campaign. In 2018, she ran to become the State Auditor; she won a tight GOP primary, but lost a much closer race to Democrat Nicole Galloway. Galloway now happens to be the Democrat challenging Gov. Parson in his re-election efforts.

All of that is to say: It’s very possible McDowell will run for office again in some capacity.

(Thanks to Ginger for the link)

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