In Supposed “Miracle,” Ghanian Pastor Produces Man’s Passport from His Shoe February 10, 2020

In Supposed “Miracle,” Ghanian Pastor Produces Man’s Passport from His Shoe

I tend to take these videos from African churches with a huge grain of salt because there’s rarely a lot of information about who’s making them and how seriously the audience takes the person on stage… but this is too hilarious to pass up.

In the video below, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church in Ghana speaks with a man who’s been hoping to receive a passport so he can travel out of the country.

Obinim tells the man to remove his (Obinim’s) shoe… and voila! A passport is there! It’s a miracle!

The man doesn’t check the passport to see if it’s his. We’re not told any further details. But it’s entirely possible that the pastor’s ministry helped the man apply for a passport and had it delivered directly to them instead of him, allowing them to produce it and claim it’s a miracle from God.

It’s not the first time he’s done something like this. Here’s Obinim pulling the same trick a couple of years ago:

And it should be noted that Obinim is the same Christian fraud who once told men he could enlarge the size of their penises by… touching them. (He also told women he could enlarge their breasts the same way.)

The man isn’t praying. He’s preying.

None of this is miraculous. At some point, however, Obinim must have realized he could make a lot of money by convincing people he was their conduit to God. All he had to do was pull off some low-budget magic tricks that a five-year-old could figure out with an ounce of critical thought.

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