Christian Rapper Walks Out of “The Addams Family” Movie Due to Demonic Elements October 19, 2019

Christian Rapper Walks Out of “The Addams Family” Movie Due to Demonic Elements

Christian hip hop artist Bryann Trejo recently went with his family to go see the new Addams Family movie, and he had to walk out of the theater.

Not because the movie was bad, but because it was apparently way too demonic.

Who could’ve guessed a movie about the Addams family would include faux-horror elements…?

The video ends with his kids explaining why they had to leave… and a prayer. Because only God can counter the dangers of an Ouija board.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what he thought would be in this film that would’ve been acceptable to his family.

If he’s this desperate to protect his children from the world, then why bother taking them outside the Christian bubble? That’s a problem waiting to happen. It would be easier to just explain what fiction is, and how the movie is meant to mildly frighten children. Instead, Trejo chose to gather his family and leave, depriving the kids of a learning opportunity (much less entertainment).

Plenty of people are mocking this overreaction, but the Facebook comments include lots of supporters praising his decision. Those people are far scarier than anything Trejo would’ve seen in the movie. Christian paranoia shouldn’t be praised.

(Thanks to Sergio for the link)

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