Dave Daubenmire: The Devil is Controlling Billie Eilish So He Can Steal Children September 21, 2019

Dave Daubenmire: The Devil is Controlling Billie Eilish So He Can Steal Children

Christian Right activist Dave Daubenmire, who believes masturbation is gay because “you’re having sex with yourself,” said on his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast yesterday that singer singer Billie Eilish was being manipulated by Satan to steal everyone’s children.

He was responded to her popular music videos.

“The devil is out of the bottle,” Daubenmire said. “He is out of the bottle and our children are watching it … The devil is stealing our children.”

“Do you think Billie Eilish came up with this idea on her own?” he asked, rhetorically. “Do you think this imagery and these songs and these videos, do you think she just kinda did it on her own in her basement, like me? There are forces of dark beyond what we can even imagine that [are] full-bore after our children. If they can’t abort ’em, they’re going to drug ’em. If they can’t drug ’em, they’re gonna vaccinate ’em. If they can’t vaccinate ’em, they’re gonna indoctrinate them in school. If they can’t indoctrinate ’em in school, they’re going to indoctrinate ’em through the media. If they can’t indoctrinate ’em through the media, they’re going to take them to the libraries and talk about homo sex. Folks, the assault on the American child is at an all-time fever pitch and those of us who carry the name of Christ, we are asleep in the light.”

Wait wait wait. Did Daubenmire just admit he’s in his basement and not inside an actual stadium?! I have clearly buried the lede.

Ah well. I guess Satan is directing Eilish, which would at least explain whatever the hell is happening in “Bad Guy.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

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