Christian “Prophetess”: I Met the Angels Who Stood Outside Jesus’ Tomb April 26, 2019

Christian “Prophetess”: I Met the Angels Who Stood Outside Jesus’ Tomb

Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” who thinks Heaven is home to cows driving tractors and a city made entirely out of Jell-O, was in Israel recently. And on a recent podcast, she explained that she visited the supposed Tomb of Jesus.

She didn’t just visit the site. She also waved hello to the two angels who rolled away the stone in front of the tomb when Jesus was supposedly resurrected. Because they were just hanging out there like that.

Almost on Resurrection Day, we got to visit the Garden Tomb. It was wild. The Garden Tomb. The actual Garden Tomb. I actually got to stand inside the very tomb that Christ laid in, and the one that He was resurrected from the dead in. And do you know what was amazing? The two angels, who were assigned to him — at the time, if you go back and read the Biblical account, there were two angels inside His tomb, and several people, you know, during the whole process of this happening, looked in there and, of course, his body wasn’t there, that was very obvious, but the angels sometimes would talk to those like Mary. I love it. They said, “Why have you come looking for the living amongst the dead?” And because He wasn’t there anymore, the stone had been rolled away. And the very track that the stone rolled in is actually still there. But you can you can step right inside the tomb where Christ laid. He is not there.

And then outside were two 10-foot angels standing outside the door of His tomb and they had been assigned there from the time that Christ rose from the dead… They were the ones who rolled the stone away, yes. Something very significant the Father does is when something happens on the Earth that is so amazing, so significant, and so holy, many times, the angels that are sent at that time to bring messages or deliver messages or even share information with people, He leaves them there on the very Earth where that happened.

And so those two angels are still there! I’ve heard other people say they saw them also. Some people just saw, like, beams of light standing outside the tomb door, but being inside the tomb it looked dark inside, but when I stepped inside, the light of God, and the very anointing that Christ had in his body — remember, He got resurrected? — He got it back before he stepped out of the tomb. The whole tomb is lit up with his anointing. So it was really powerful.

[So what did those angels look like? Can you describe what they looked like?]

Well, they didn’t look like hosts. They didn’t look like the host. They didn’t have weird features. They didn’t have, like, 18 eyes… You have to remember: Mary had to see them… The others had to see them. And so, they were most likely, probably sent by Gabriel. Because the ones who served Gabriel, under Gabriel, they look more like humans.

They had wings when I saw them. That doesn’t mean that they were showing their wings. They could have at the time of Christ being resurrected from the dead, but they were just very regal. I mean, they both had blonde hair… and they had the glory of God on them, and they had simple outfits on… because, of course, they were back in the day of Christ when He walked on the Earth.

And they didn’t want to terrify anybody. I’m sure if it was a host, we may have had the same reaction that the shepherds did when they saw the hosts singing. They were so afraid, it hurt them. So that was not what happened here at the tomb when Mary came…

They knew I could see them… I was obviously smiling and waving. Regardless of what people thought about me, I could not turn down the chance to say hi.

So she treated the angels who have been loitering in a part of Israel for more than two millennia the same way the rest of us treat the guards outside of Buckingham Palace.

Somehow, the angels were totally there, yet she didn’t bother taking a picture or video. Because that would be silly.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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