Preacher: It’s Not Weird That a Snake Spoke to Eve Because Even Parrots Can Talk June 27, 2018

Preacher: It’s Not Weird That a Snake Spoke to Eve Because Even Parrots Can Talk

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack has always been one of those guys known for making wildly ridiculous claims in the name of Jesus. Last year, he even criticized Christians who complained about cancer, saying cancer was really “no big deal” since Jesus would save you in the afterlife.

But during a livestream “Bible Study” on Facebook yesterday afternoon, he went full bananas answering questions from viewers.

Here’s a sampling of what he said:

5:07, answering a question about why other planets exist:

… I do know that [the Bible] says that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and the Earth was the focal point of His creation, and He placed the Sun and the moon and the stars in place to give light upon the Earth. And so I really do believe that, you know, this question, to me, appears like he’s saying, well, if they aren’t inhabited, if life isn’t on them, what’s the purpose of them? It could be nothing but just to give light upon the Earth, just so we could have something nice to look at!

Planets don’t give off light. Planets are not here for our viewing pleasure. (Anyway, there are approximately 239847239847239 planets we can’t see, which seems like a rather obvious glitch in his logic.)

5:48, explaining why Eve wasn’t surprised when a serpent spoke to her in the Garden of Eden:

… It’s because animals talked! You know, we have parrots today that talk. You can teach some animals to talk. When I was a kid, in the Fort Worth zoo, there was an elephant that talked! You could get it to repeat certain words…

I believe that, prior to the Fall, that the whole creation was different in that it wasn’t unusual for a snake to talk to them. So I think that that’s one of the results of sin… I believe in evolution, but it’s downward evolution. That we started out awesome, and we have evolved downward.

Elephants don’t talk. Parrots are not snakes. Snakes don’t talk. Snakes have never talked. And “downward evolution” isn’t a thing.

12:13, talking about how a caterpillar becoming a butterfly disproves evolution:

… that actually disproves evolution, because instead of this being something that takes millions and billions of years to happen, it happens in just a matter of days or weeks! You see this caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It’s very quick. It is against everything that evolution is teaching. There is no such thing as one species becoming another species.

The irony here is that, right before saying this, he correctly pointed out that a caterpillar becoming a butterfly wasn’t a change of species but rather just a natural part of the creature’s life cycle (despite its outward physical change). And then he just threw all that aside.

16:51, talking about how Genesis 1:9 quotes God saying, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” (The viewer asked when the water separated into oceans.)

Earth is floating — scientists would say the same thing about this — that there is a thin crust around the Earth and then there’s water underneath. And so when the fountains of the deep were broken up, all of this water from underneath came gushing up and that was part of the worldwide Flood…

Wut…? While there’s water underground, all the land on Earth is not sitting on top of it. That’s not how geology works.

Then there was a bit at the end about how all the mountains on the planet are just 4,500 years old. Because that’s when the Flood happened.

This is what passes as intelligent conversation in fundamentalist Christian circles.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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