Christian Website Editor: “Stephen Hawking Was Kept Alive By Demonic Forces” March 19, 2018

Christian Website Editor: “Stephen Hawking Was Kept Alive By Demonic Forces”

It’s amazing, really, that Stephen Hawking was 76 when he died last week. When he was first diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21, he was given only a few years to live. He exceeded that prognosis by half a century, while upending the way we think about physics.

If you’re Mike Shoesmith, the executive editor of conservative website PNN News, there’s only one possible explanation for why Hawking lived so much longer than anyone predicted: He was sent here by Satan to oppose Rev. Billy Graham.


“[Graham] is a hundred percent devoted,” Shoesmith said. “The Lord sees his heart, gives him a tremendous ministry, and who do you think is sitting in the background going, ‘I have to do something about this, this guy is sold out, I have to do something’? Who do you think is sitting in the background doing that? The devil, right?

“So, in 1942, that is when Billy Graham’s ministry really takes off, and who do you think was born in 1942?” he continued. “Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking comes from a long line of atheists — his father and all these people — so I believe the devil said, ‘OK, this guy was just born and I’m going to use this guy. This guy is already primed to accept my message that there is no God. He is already primed for it, he is going to be awash, immersed in atheism all his years as a child, I’m going to take over this guy’s life.’”

“I believe Stephen Hawking was kept alive by demonic forces,” Shoesmith said. “I believe that it was the demonic realm that kept this man alive as a virtual vegetable his entire life just so he could spread this message that there is no God.”

If that’s true, it’s incredible that Hawking never publicly announced his atheism until 2014.

Shoesmith went on to say that if Hawking had only submitted himself to the Christian God, he would’ve been healed immediately. This will come as news to all those victims of ALS who happen to be Christian…

It’s not the first time Shoesmith has said something jaw-droppingly dumb. Last year, he claimed that women “assault” men when they dress provocatively.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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