Christian TV Host Celebrates Dead Preacher Who Kicked and Punched Sick Babies January 30, 2018

Christian TV Host Celebrates Dead Preacher Who Kicked and Punched Sick Babies

British evangelist Smith Wigglesworth died in 1947, but his violent methods of freeing people of their demonic “spirits” apparently lives on through his great-granddaughter Lil de Fin. She was interviewed on a recent episode of It’s Supernatural — must see TV, really — and host Sid Roth offered a disturbing reenactment of how Wigglesworth “cured” a sick baby.

If punching and kicking infants isn’t your thing, you may want to look away.

… Some parents had a two-month-old baby, dying in the hospital. The parents kidnapped the child, took the child to a Smith Wigglesworth meeting, and Smith looks at the child, looks at the parents, and say[s], “Can I do what God tells me to do?” Well, what would you do if you were the parents? The child’s dying anyway, right?

He takes the baby, two-month-old — THROWS THE BABY AGAINST THE WALL! The baby! Then the baby’s on the floor! Have you ever seen someone play soccer? Have you ever seen them kick a soccer ball? He does that with the baby! The baby falls into the congregation.

No crying.

Yeah, I don’t know what I just watched either. Let’s just hope that people like that never come into contact with your children because their God is sadistic and they’re following His orders.

(via Museum of Idolatry)

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