Kids Told An Artist How To Draw God (But They All Got It Wrong) April 22, 2017

Kids Told An Artist How To Draw God (But They All Got It Wrong)

The people who brought a rabbi, a priest, and an atheist together to smoke some weed are back. This time, they asked children to describe God to an illustrator.

All of God. Even that part.


I love how one of the first kids he talks to says he’s an atheist, to which the artist responds, “Well, we’re gonna imagine what He might look like.” The atheist continues to mess with the artist by saying God is wearing no pants. And it culminates in this:


If you’re going to strike out, might as well do it with gusto.

Though it might have been funnier if the kid asked the artist to just leave the paper blank.

I wonder what this video would look like if you asked adults the same question. It’s not like their descriptions would be any more accurate.

(via WatchCut Video. Thanks to @AEKron for the link)

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