Christian Preacher Who Wanted to Raise $455,000 (For No Reason) Has a Brand New GoFundMe Campaign December 22, 2016

Christian Preacher Who Wanted to Raise $455,000 (For No Reason) Has a Brand New GoFundMe Campaign

Back in September, we posted about Marcus Rogers, a person who spouts biblical gibberish on Facebook and makes Joshua-Feuerstein-style vertical videos on YouTube. He had big plans to spread the Gospel throughout the world, a feat which he said required some cash. And that’s why he launched a GoFundMe campaign for $455,000.

It was the same pitch that televangelists often make: Give me money, you’ll be rewarded many times over for your generosity, and I’m not going to tell you anything more.

We had no idea where the money was going, how he would “heal” people, or that he would spend the money responsibly and with total transparency.

And yet he raised more than $30,000 before shutting down the fundraiser. There was no official word on how that money was spent.

Perhaps the attention died down because Rogers has since posted a brand new fundraiser for himself.


This time, there’s no stated goal — it’s technically $1, though the URL says “5K Through the Fire ministry” — but there are stated reasons he needs the cash: He’s self-publishing a book and wants to (once again) travel for his “ministry.” The money he raises would be “tithed, and then go to food, rooms, gas, publishing and production, studio time, and travel expenses.”

Rogers hasn’t publicly announced the GoFundMe campaign on his social media yet. But yesterday, after word spread about the page, critics began commenting on it.

… None of this money will go into “ministry” I guarantee. Support his kids and pay for his car if you want, but don’t kid yourself that this is what God wants him to be doing.

Another scam Marcus? At least your goal might be in reach this time. Get a job and stop trying to screw your gullible followers.

Are you kidding me? Another GFM [GoFundMe]? Let’s get a glimpse of this book that you have written. Why not at least let your fans see what they will be spending their money on…this guy is unbelievable!

Please stop this marcus! You already raised 30k and yet to show any accountability for what it was spent on. Everybody knows you bought a car right after startimg the last gfm. This is not right!

I can’t verify those accusations — but Rogers has not been transparent about where the $30,000+ he raised last time went. Christians are welcome to give to him, but shouldn’t they want some proof that it’s going to where he says it will? Why won’t Rogers post some excerpts from any of the eight chapters of his book (instead of just holding up a thick stack of pages)? I’m sure his fans would love to read it.

Oh. And there’s one more shady detail to this story: Rogers has an identical fundraiser up at a slightly different URL. That one hasn’t been promoted, either.

(Thanks to Brian for the link. Large portions of this article were posted earlier)

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