Christian Baker Serves Gay Couples Because “If They Want to Get Married, More Power to Them” September 16, 2015

Christian Baker Serves Gay Couples Because “If They Want to Get Married, More Power to Them”

I’m confused.

I thought all Christian bakers melted like the Wicked Witch if they were asked to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Then there’s this baker from Sarasota who believes marriage is limited to a man and a woman… but he’s not a jerk about it and treats his gay customers the same as his straight ones. It’s like he’s a kind human being or something. Why is he trying to ruin our narrative?!

“It doesn’t bother me one bit or another,” says [Cakes by Ron owner Ron] Zammit. “It’s a wedding cake, and if they feel like they love each other and want to get married, more power to them.”

“As Christians, I think that we should be kind-hearted and show the love of God to people, not to be judging what they’re doing,” he says.

The open door policy at Cakes by Ron is already paying off, in the form of a new, loyal group of customers.

Turns out if you don’t automatically exclude certain segments of the population — gay couples and other decent people who don’t want to support bigots — your business can thrive. Kudos to Zammit for doing the right thing, even when it conflicts with his personal beliefs.

If only conservative Christians saw him as a role model instead of Kim Davis.

On a side note, it’s kind of amusing that a news station ran a story that amounts to little more than “Here’s a Christian baker who’s not a jerk.”

(Image via Shutterstock). Thanks to Randy for the link)

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