Creationists Are Seriously Trying to Figure Out Adam and Eve’s Skin Color April 21, 2015

Creationists Are Seriously Trying to Figure Out Adam and Eve’s Skin Color

Apparently, Christians are still debating the skin color of Adam and Eve… which is about as close as you can get to arguing over the color of a unicorn’s horn.

The idea is that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and you have to find some way of explaining the diversity of skin color within that time… which to them means either Adam or Eve had to be super-duper-black.


Referencing a passage in the ESV Study Bible, Sierra Rayne of the American Thinker writes:

As this commentary reads, it is unequivocal in claiming that all of the children from a couple will have skin colors lighter than the darkest parent’s skin color. Tracing this reasoning back to Adam and Eve, it would then suggest that either Adam or Eve had a skin color darker than the darkest human skin color that current exists anywhere on the planet.

Of course, the most prominent historical imagery of Adam and Eve shows them as both fair-skinned. Thus, we have an inconsistency between many centuries of great art and more recent biblical commentary that simply cannot be ignored.

Yes. Huge dilemma. And since there’s no way the Bible doesn’t represent accurate history, that’s gotta make their brains hurt.

Rayne also quotes an article on Apologetics Press (where all great scholars post their theories) since the author has an alternative explanation of how the races came to be:

The real question is this: Is there a mechanism by which the racial characteristics which we see today could have originated with one human couple — in the short, few thousand year or so history of the Earth?

The answer is a resounding yes! If Adam and Eve had been “heterozygous” (AaBb; two dominant, two recessive genes), they would have been middle-brown in color. And, from them — in one generation — racial differences could have occurred quite easily.


Umm… I don’t think the author of that piece realizes that skin color depends on much more than a single gene… or even multiple genes. Sure, genetics plays a role… but so does geography and exposure to UV radiation and other factors..

But leave it to Creationists to think they’ve come up with a scientific breakthrough by offering up a Punnett square that probably appeared on a 9th-grade biology test.

My favorite comment to Rayne’s piece has to be the person who says it doesn’t matter what color Adam and Eve were. All that matters is that it wasn’t Adam and Steve.

Because the best way to respond to ignorance is with homophobia.

No one remind them that Jesus was Middle-Eastern or they’ll start flipping tables over…

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