Kirk Cameron: When I Tell Gay People They’re Going to Hell, That’s Just Me Loving Them October 11, 2012

Kirk Cameron: When I Tell Gay People They’re Going to Hell, That’s Just Me Loving Them

Guess who spoke at a convocation at Jerry Falwell‘s Liberty University? Kirk Cameron… someone the Christian Post claims is a “Hollywood actor” though he hasn’t done any mainstream non-evangelical Christian acting in years.

Cameron did, however, do an interview with Piers Morgan back on March 2nd and he thinks we’re all still talking about it. He told the Liberty students about the nasty barrage of questions he had to answer — many of them about his opposition to gay rights — adding that he was proud of his answers:

The truth is always love speech, it’s not hate speech. The truth communicated with compassion, with a desire to see people in a right relationship with God, helped and healed and whole, is the most genuine form of love speech you can give anyone.”

Cameron’s version of “love speech” means telling gay people that they’re destined to go to hell. And then taking away whatever rights they deserve. Ditto with women who want to get abortions.

But, hey, if telling the truth amounts to love, then let me be perfectly honest: Kirk Cameron is an asshole. (Sorry, was that too loving?)

That wasn’t the only ridiculous thing Cameron said in his address:

I also learned a lesson from that [interview]. And that is that blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America. And I seem to have blasphemed the god of political correctness and they tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.

Blasphemy laws?! So, because people made fun of Kirk Cameron for stating his out-of-touch-with-reality and hateful views, he equates that with being persecuted for blasphemy?

Kirk, we know Alexander Aan.

Alexander Aan is a friend of ours.

Kirk, you’re no Alexander Aan.

No one’s throwing Cameron in jail for his views. No one is threatening Cameron for his views. Hell, Cameron’s giving interviews because of the Christian movie he’s starring in.

He didn’t suffer one iota because of the CNN interview. The only thing that happened was that more people found out how much of a scumbag he’s become since his Growing Pains days.

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