Amazing Slam Poetry Blasting Pat Robertson July 23, 2012

Amazing Slam Poetry Blasting Pat Robertson

This is beautiful to watch.

At Brave New Voices 2012 (you might have seen the competition on HBO), there was a powerful poem about Pat Robertson

I’ve attempted to transcribe the video below (feel free to correct me), but you need to watch the video for the full effect:

The following begins with a quote.

“God allowed Hurricane Katrina as retribution for the shedding of innocent blood and legalized abortion.” — Televangelist and religious personality Pat Robertson.

Dear Mr. Robertson,

It has been over 6 years since Katrina.

On June 23, 2012, the most destructive wildfire in the history of our home state spread across Colorado Springs.

The location of the national Focus on the Family headquarters.

An organization which advocates the conservative Christian lifestyle you promote.

But, of course, you already know that.

We’re writing you on behalf of our singed mountains.

Hearing your justification for past tragedies, we are still confused.

Why would your God send fire to ravage homes of upstanding Christian men like yourself?

Dear Mr. Robertson.

Can [?] Patrick?

Can we call you Pat?

No. Mr. Robertson.

You have so much to say about God. Could you please clarify for us?

We have been taught that most associate fire with Hell.
But it’s tactics don’t seem so different from yours, Pat.
It knows how to forcefully ignite the change it wishes to see.
While you toil to destroy lifestyles you don’t approve of.

Fire is indifferent to the destruction of your mansion.
Closed-minded comforts, luxuries that lock you in self-righteousness.


Are you as grateful for trees nailed naked into crosses as you are for the image of Jesus fastened to them?

You have so much to say about your Savior.
Do you think you’re the only one he died for?

Are the huge marks on our mountains as worthy of your attention as the stigmata scarring Jesus’ palms?

Would you weep for our forest the way you would weep for the ash of your own home?

Because northern Colorado Springs mainly houses people who worship the way you do.

Are their lives more valuable than the lives of Katrina victims?

Or Haitians?

Or the Japanese?

Who is to blame for this natural disaster?

The Commandments delivered to you from burning Mount Sinai seem to have lost their distinction.

These flames imitate you.

They’ve [?] from the words of your sermons.
Lusting for the snapping of house-frame skeletons.
Waiting for cracking, splintering screams of children and tree limbs.

Of all that stands in their way, Mr. Robertson,
Fire has no Scripture to hide behind.
Fire does not read your holy book.
Fire consumes it as food.
Fire realizes all people burn the same.

Mr. Robertson.
It seems ironic that Moses heard the voice of God from a burning bush
But as thousands of dangers blaze near this holy city,
You don’t even hear a whisper.

Are the walls of your megachurch too big for you to hear them?
Can you hear them?

Trees can’t run.
They accept their fate and grow from it.
But your words are locusts, rising clouds of smoke.

You smother mountainsides in brimstone ignorance.
Bleeding the world in claims of judgment.

Thou shalt not bear false witness, Mr. Robertson.
I mean liar.
I mean Judas.
I mean Pat.
I mean Pharoah.

Would you be as dismissive of destruction if a charred child lay in your arms?

If the color of Katrina matched that of your first-born?

As your heart hardens like blood clotting without a river.

Your hypocrisy festers like plague, boils in the eye sockets of your followers.
Running smug in their skulls.
Does animosity eat your scalp like lice?

Did you forget that you are human, too, Mr. Robertson?

You have so much to say about God.
What do you think God has to say about you?

If anyone can figure out the name of the speakers, I’d love to give proper credit! ***Edit***: A commenter points out the speakers are Leah Scott (right) and Isabel Elliott.

(Thanks to Alice for the link)

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  • A3Kr0n

    That made my day! Woo Hoo! I’m from Wisconsin, could you guess? I’m the guy you saw wearing the gray Evil Little Thing sweatshirt  at lunch during the Freethough Fest in Madison last Spring.

  • Joe_No_Halo


    A perfectly spoken indictment of Pat Robertson. Brava!

  • José Reyes

    I’m pretty sure the third [?] is plague.

  • edwin

    outstanding, wish i could have been there to hear and see it live. gave me chills just listening to it.

  • Donalbain

    They stood up in front of some people who they knew would agree with them, and they said an obvious thing! Power to the people!

  • Patterrssonn

    Do you have a point?

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Yet strangely, to a very large number of people, some obvious things are not accepted things. That is one thing humans, especially religious humans are very good at doing. Actively ignoring the obvious because they feel more comfortable that way.

  • Annie

    That was amazing!  I really love that poetry slams are becoming more and more popular.  The poets were incredible performers… but I wish they would have waited for applause to die down before continuing.  I know that’s tricky on stage.  Well done!

  • Robyman4

    Wow that was excellent. Anytime you fuse intellect with concern for humanity – neither of which Pat Robertson possesses – well done, well done!

  • m6wg4bxw

    The only aspect of this I find to be amazing is that anyone enjoys this form of art / entertainment. But I’m happy to see religious skepticism expressed in so many forms, whether I am able to appreciate them or not.

  • All this did was make me afraid of where I live, which is near the national headquarters of Focus on the Family in Canada. What wrath shall God bring upon my region? Ack!

  • Jessica

    Wow- I loved that.  
    It seems ironic that Moses heard the voice of God from a burning bushBut as thousands of dangers blaze near this holy city,You don’t even hear a whisper. 


  • Amanda McCoy


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