Win a Copy of ¡Satiristas! by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion August 4, 2010

Win a Copy of ¡Satiristas! by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion

Comedian Paul Provenza is the man behind the movie The Aristocrats and he’s the marquee name in the new Showtime series The Green Room with Paul Provenza.

I had a chance to hear him speak at The Amazing Meeting 8 about his book ¡Satiristas!: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians — a collection of interviews with comedians (specifically satirists) about their craft: what they do, why they do it, and what impact it may have. (The head shots in the book were taken by photographer Dan Dion.)

Among the comedians in the book: Lewis Black, Jon Stewart, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, and George Carlin.

One of my favorite passages from the book is Provenza’s interview with John Lee and Vernon Chatman, the creators of the short-lived MTV2 sketch comedy series Wonder Showzen. In the excerpt below (reprinted with permission courtesy of It Books), they discuss the censors at MTV:

John Lee: They were always sensitive about religious stuff, too. That was kind of the biggest thing. We had a little puppet on the cross, and they said, “You can do God, you just can’t do Jesus. God is just an abstract idea, but Jesus? People will get offended.”

Vernon Chatman: MTV actually told us, “You can make fun of God because he doesn’t exist—

John Lee: —But you can’t make fun of Jesus, because he’s God’s son.”

Vernon Chatman: Someone actually said this to us. Please print that; I want it on the record. I’ll say it again so you get it right, and you promise you’ll print it. Someone at the network said: “You can make fun of God because he doesn’t exist, but you can’t make fun of Jesus, because he’s God’s son.”

Paul Provenza: I will print that you told me both times that the network said, “You can make fun of God because he doesn’t exist, but you can’t make fun of Jesus, because he’s God’s son.”

Keep that in mind when the Powers That Be give you your own show 🙂

The folks at It Books have offered to give away a copy of the book to a reader here. Woo!

So let’s have some fun with it. All you have to do is provide an answer to the following:

In honor of Jimmy Kimmel‘s “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” segment, bleep out the name of a book, TV show, or movie title to make it sound dirtier than it actually is.

For example:

[Bleeped] by an Angel

Alice in Wonder[bleep]

The winner will be chosen randomly.

If you’d like to be in the running for the free copy of the book, please write the word “Ninja” after your entry! Otherwise, I’ll assume you just wanted to comment for fun.

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  • Brandon

    Well, one of my favorite comedic TV shows is The Big [Bleeped] Theory, because of its nerdy skeptical bent.


  • Karen

    How I [bleep] Your Mother


  • MathMike

    “Do Androids Dream of [bleep] Sheep?”

  • Mel

    “One [bleeped] over the cuckoo’s nest”

    Ninja! I so want this book 🙂

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I wonder if he has anything to say about the challenges of practicing satire in a world of Poe.

  • Reginald Selkirk



  • Kirsten

    Eat, [Bleep], Love


  • Haley

    The Holy [bleep].
    Not that it really needs any help being inappropriate…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Twelve O’Clock [Bleep]

  • Reginald Selkirk

    [Bleep]ed in East L.A.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    The Sorceror’s [Bleep]

  • Parse

    Paul Provenza’s also an occasional panelist on ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’, which I listen to regularly. I strongly recommend listening to it (also available by podcast!) if you don’t already.

    Just please tell me that I’m not the only one who almost accidentally misread the title as a new Apple product.

    Now, for some ninja-tastic entries!
    – Doctor Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop ???????? and Love the ????
    – I Sold My ???? on eBay
    – Harry ????er and the Sorcerer’s ?????


  • pansies4me

    Please Don’t Eat The

    Master Theater

    The Holy

    Bleepy Bleepy Bang Bang


  • Reginald Selkirk

    [Bleep] Dick
    by Herman Melville

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Atlas [bleep]ed

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental [Bleep]

  • mshka

    a clockwork bleep

    bleeping private ryan


  • pnasies4me

    Sorry, I goofed up.

    Plaese Don’t Eat The Bleeps

    Master Bleep Theater

    The Holy Bleep

    Bleepy Bleepy Bang Bang


  • Reginald Selkirk

    How to [Bleep] Friends and [Bleep] People

  • [bleep]shack.


  • Reginald Selkirk

    Animal [Bleep]
    by George Orwell

    To [Bleep] A Mockingbird
    by Harper Lee

    [Bleep]ing Heights
    by Emily Bronte

    The Naked and the [Bleep]
    by Norman Mailer

    The [Bleep] of Miss Jean Brodie
    by Muriel Spark

    The Postman Always [Bleep]s Twice

  • Those Magnificent [bleep] and Their [bleep]ing Machines


  • @Reginald: I was just thinking To [Bleep] a Moickingbird. I think I would have gone with [Bleep] Farm though.

  • Evan

    The Phantom [bleep]
    Attack of the [bleeps]s
    Revenge of the [bleep]
    A New [bleep]
    The [bleep] [bleep]s Back
    Return of the [bleep]

    Ninja, yo. I need something new to read.

  • [Bleep] like Flynn. Ninja

  • In like [Bleep]. Ninja

  • Koehn

    Where the Wild Things [bleep]

  • Since this is an atheist blog:

    Letter to a Christian [Bleep]


    50 Reasons People Give for [Bleep]-ing in a [Bleep]


  • Andrew Lovley

    Wayne’s [bleep] II


  • MikeW

    Sun Tzu’s The Art of [bleep]


  • scott

    Uncle Tom’s {bleep}


  • “Honey, I Shrunk the [bleep]”

    “While You Were [bleep]ing”


  • Kayla Aurit

    Master [bleep]

    All my [bleep]


  • Dawn

    indiana jones and the last [bleep]


  • Beardo

    Honey I [beeped] the kids.

    Father of the [beep]

    The 40 year old [beep]

    [Beeped] Up

    The [beep] who stole Christmas


  • Aaron

    Since I just watched the Swedish version of the film (pretty good BTW):
    The Girl with the Dragon [Bleep].

  • BeamStalk



    Edit: I want to add Adam Savage in here some how too.

  • Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old [Bleep].


  • Nicole

    The Longest [bleep]

    We used to play this game at the hotel I worked in. We had walkie talkies and occasionally had to take boats empty of tourists around an inside tour track (an artificial river) to make sure rotation made sense. Whoever was on the empty boat would go back and forth with whoever was on dock just saying movie titles. The goal wasn’t to bleep, though–it was to replace the last word in the title with a certain part of the male anatomy. Every single Star Wars (as noted by Evan) and Pirates of the Carribean movie works wonderfully. Curse of the Black [bleep] was a recurring favourite.


  • Nakor

    The Light [bleep] (Terry Pratchet)

    Ninja, if Canadians are allowed.

  • [Bleep] House – Charles Dickens


  • Lore

    Harry Potter and the Order of the [bleep]


  • BeamStalk


    “The Colour of [bleep]” would have worked also.

  • Ryan Tombleson

    Pale Blue [bleep]


  • Brian C Posey

    I was seeing that there are some reruns of [Bleep]Rider on my local cable channel 14. Turns out it’s about a car that justs talks to people … and that all.


  • John

    Bill Bryson’s African [bleep]


  • Ubi Dubium

    Dr. Horrible’s [bleep]-along Blog.


  • Ben

    The [Bleep] of Steel, by Isaac Asimov


  • Jose

    “The Greatest Bleep on Earth”
    “Unweaving the Bleep”

  • Jim H

    [bleep] on the Orient Express
    by Agatha Christie

    [bleep] Dick
    by Herman Melville


  • Michael

    {Bleep} Women by Louisa Alcott
    Breaking {Bleep} by Stephanie Meyer
    The Complete Sherlock {Bleep} by Arthur Conan Doyle
    Great {Bleep} by Charles Dickens

    And who could forget – Origin of {Bleep} by Charles Darwin


  • Beardo

    “I was seeing that there are some reruns of [Bleep]Rider on my local cable channel 14. Turns out it’s about a car that justs talks to people … and that all.”

    Really? The [Beep] Rider I saw was about bikers.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    The Unbearable Lightness of [Bleep]ing

  • Snuggly Buffalo

    The Lord of the [bleeps] by J.R.R. Tolkien.

    This of course is actually a trilogy of books, The Fellowship of the [bleep], The [bleep] Towers, and The [bleep] of the King.


  • Jim H

    My own entry reminds me of a joke about dirty limericks.

    A husband and wife (call them Joe and Meg) collect dirty limericks as a shared hobby. One day Joe comes home an tells Meg, “I heard one, but it’s too dirty. I’m embarrassed to repeat it.”. Meg says, “Well then, just tell it with a nonsense sound replacing each dirty word.” Joe agrees:

    Da da da da da da da da,
    Da da da da da da da da.
    Da da da da da
    Da da da da da,
    Da da da da da da da fuck.

  • Georgia

    Girl with a *bleep* earring

    the *bleep* word

    *bleep*’s anatomy

  • Alexius


    Like a ninja…

  • skinman

    So I [bleeped] An Axe Murderer


  • Edward Miller

    [Bleep] Is Not Great: How [Bleep] Poisons Everything

    Spongebob [Bleep]Pants

    A Tale of Two [Bleep]

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Alice Doesn’t [Bleep] Here Anymore

    The [Bleep] Dick

    [Bleep]ing John Malkovich

    The Big Red [Bleep]

    [Bleep]ing Up Baby

    Dead Man [Bleep]ing

    Desperately [Bleep]ing Susan

    Destry [Bleep]s Again

    Dressed to [Bleep]

    Five Easy [Bleep]s

    Gentlemen Prefer [Bleep]

    The Greatest [Bleep] On Earth

    It’s a [Bleep] Life

    The [Bleep]ing Fields

    Last [Bleep] in Paris

    The Last [Bleep] of Christ

    [Bleep]ing Las Vegas

    The Man With The Golden [Bleep]

    Much Ado About [Bleep]

    My [Bleep] with Andre

    A Night To [Bleep]

    [Bleep]ing Arizona

    Rear [Bleep]

    Rebel Without a [Bleep]

    [Bleep]ing Private Ryan

    [Bleep]in’ In The Rain

    Tight Little [Bleep]


    What’s [Bleep]ing Gilbert Grape

    Who [Bleep]ed Roger Rabbit

    The Year of [Bleep]ing Dangerously


  • Stephen

    The Holy *bleep*

  • Erik

    Why People [Bleep] Weird Things
    The Lord of the [Bleep]rings
    The 700 [Bleeps] with Pat Robertson
    Penn & Teller’s [Bleep]shit


  • {Bleep} This, Not That!


  • Robin

    Some Like it [bleep!].



  • Kurt N.

    I like the old school show Sanford and bleep, as well as ABC’s That’s Bleepable.


  • Animal [bleep]

    As I Lay [bleep]ing

    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s [bleep]


  • The “Eh”theist

    Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s *bleep*

    and All’s Well That *bleeps* Well

    Ian Fleming’s For Your *bleep* Only and The Spy Who *bleeped* Me

    Steven Johnson’s *bleep* Wide Open (methinks it deserves bonus points for including Johnson)

    Charles Darwin’s The *bleep* of Species


    Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish *bleep*


  • Nakor

    @BeamStalk: Hah, true. I just scanned my bookshelf for the first amusing title. 😉

  • Jason

    Chicken Soup for the [bleep]
    Deep [bleep] 9
    Fight [bleep]


  • JSug

    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s [Bleep]


  • Greg

    Let’s go James Bond:


    You Only [Bleep] Twice.

    [Bleep] Russia with Love.

    The Man with the Golden [Bleep].

    More work, but those are the ones I like the best. 🙂

    Ninja… except I’m from the UK… sigh…

  • Jdole84

    20,0000 BLEEPs under the sea


  • L. Foster

    Harry Potter and the [bleep]er of Azkhaban

    I prefer pirates, but I like the occasional NINJA!

  • Ann

    The art of (bleeping) in the rain

    They (bleep) horses, don’t they?

    (Bleep) your dog like a pro (I actually just got this one today!)


  • Bob

    The Daily [bleep] with John Stewart.
    Darwin’s Dangerous [bleep]

    ya know what? Ninja.

  • liz

    I love Wonder Showzen! My favorite parts were the religious jokes.

    And now for some of my favorite movies/books:

    [Bleep] Club
    Fear and [Bleep]ing in Las Vegas
    American History [Bleep]
    Train[Bleep]ing or [Bleep]spotting?
    [Bleep]stick Men
    Another [Bleep] in Paradise
    2001: A [Bleep] Odyssey
    Raising [Bleep]


  • Andthen

    George Carlin’s “When Will Jesus Bring the [Bleeps]?”

    Soo… is it U.S. only…? If not:


  • Tony

    God *bleep* you! And the Horse you rode in on…


  • Chris

    -God Is Not Great: How Religion [Bleep]s Everything
    -The Joy of [Bleep]ing Christ: Meditations on the Gospels


  • Brian-sama

    A few movies:

    [Bleep] With the Wind

    Sweet [Bleep] of Success

    [Bleep] Hard

    And some books:

    A Divine Revelation of [Bleep], by Mary K. Baxter

    Farewell to [Bleep], by Ernest Hemingway

    Great Political [Bleep], by Bob Dole


  • RTH

    I [bleep] Mama

    Mein [bleep]

    [Bleep] Hard with a Vengeance

    Teenage Mutant Ninja [bleep]

    Seriously, though:

  • Sue

    What the Bleep do We [bleep]

    (the first Bleep is actually part of the title of this remarkably pseudoscientific film)


  • p.s.

    Everything is [bleeped]
    -J. Foer

    The [bleep] code
    -Dan brown

    At the mountains of [bleeeep]


  • Catinthewall

    Monty python’s [bleep]ing circus!

    Too many ninja!

  • CatBallou

    Butch [bleep] and the Sundance Kid


  • bOOm

    Honey! I [BLEEPED] the kids!

    The Lion [BLEEP]

  • Elmo’s *bleep* Time

    James and the Giant *bleep*

    The *bleep* Down Under


  • catsnjags

    [Bleep]ing of the Lambs

  • The [bleep]ers Karamazov


  • DemetriusOfPharos

    Star [bleep]: The [bleep] of Kahn
    [bleep] Trek: The [bleep] Home
    Star [bleep]: The [bleep] Country


  • Jen

    Since I just saw it:

    The Kids [bleep] Alright


  • Danº

    Before the “big game”:

    “And now, John Leguizamo will sing our [bleep] Anthem”


    I mean


  • BeamStalk


    Other titles of Pratchett’s that jumped straight to my mind was:

    Thief of [bleep]
    [bleep]er Man
    The [bleep] Trilogy- consisting of [bleep]ers, [bleep]ers, and [bleep]s
    Making [bleep]
    Going [bleep]
    [bleep]s Abroad
    [bleep] – multiple titles
    [bleep] Watch
    The [bleep] Elephant
    The Unadulterated [bleep]
    Johnny and the [bleep]
    Only You Can [bleep] Mankind

  • Lauren

    Pee-wee’s Big [Bleep]


  • Sai

    [bleep] Me If You Can

    Here We [bleep] Again

    A Thousand [bleep]s


  • “Man [bleep] Dog”


  • Rob

    There are too many good ones, but…

    The [Bleep] Bride



    come to mind…

    invisible ninja

  • Joseph R.

    The “BLEEP” of the Edmund Fitzgerald


  • Mack B

    Little Big ——


  • Andrew Morgan

    Kiss Kiss [bleep] [bleep]

  • JohnFrost

    Some more I just thought of–my favorite TV shows

    [Bleep] Men

    Buffy: The Vampire [bleep]er

    and, back to movies:

    [Bleep] in 60 Seconds

    Planet of the [bleeps], or, even funnier, [Bleep] of the Apes

    ninja !

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of [bleep]
    Indiana Jones and the Crystal [bleep]
    Indiana Jones and the Last [bleep]
    [bleep]ers of the Lost [bleep]

  • Nick

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and [Bleep] the Bomb


  • BeamStalk

    All this ninja talk and no:

    The [bleep] Ninjas

  • p.s.

    9 little [bleeps]
    agatha christie

  • Hitch

    In the beginning there was [bleep].
    And [bleep] said it was good.

    Pirates! Yarr!

  • Lei

    (Bleep) from the skies!!

    The hills are alive with the sound of (bleep).


  • Steve

    there are no atheists in [bleep]holes

  • Andrew

    The Power to [bleep] Your Life – by Rick Warren
    The Purpose Driven [bleep] – by Rick Warren

    Seeing as how we aren’t supposed to draw Mohammed
    perhaps we should have censored the name of the event

    [bleep] Mohammed day


  • Philip

    Men Who [bleep] at Goats


  • Hangnail

    Mel Gibson’s “The (BLEEP) of Christ”


  • The Beavis and [bleep]-Head Show
    [bleep] in the Family
    ABC’s Wide World of [bleep]
    I [bleep] lucy or I Love [bleep]
    [bleep] it to Beaver
    Pee Wee’s [bleep]house
    Sex and the [bleep]

    Pirates, FTW!

  • Justin

    Buffy: The Vampire [bleep]er

    That should have been the show’s title, anyway. She sure BLEEPED them as often as she slayed them.

    Let the BLEEP One BLEEP

    No BLEEP for Old Men

    When Harry BLEEP Sally

    The Incredible BLEEP

    Tunnel in the BLEEP by Robert Heinlein

    Ninja Vanish!

  • Angel

    I feel obliged to note that I didn’t [bleep] ANYONE.

  • I Know Why the [bleeped] Bird Sings

  • Markus Laumann

    Dora the [bleep]

    Mickey Mouse [bleeps] Santa and other [bleeps]


  • Wil2low

    “To (bleep) a (bleeping)bird


  • May I pick kids’ shows?

    [bleep] the Sheep

    [Bleep] 5

    [Bleep]man Pat

    Bob the [bleep]er


  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the [Bleep]

    So Long, and Thanks for all [Bleep]


  • Victor

    Death by [bleep] hole by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, followed by of course, The [bleep] files.


  • Queenie

    The Un[bleep]ables

    The [Bleep] Knight


  • Nora

    The Five People You [Bleep] in Heaven.

    Ninja =)

  • Jay

    It’s a Wonderful [bleep]


  • How could I forget,
    “So You Think You Can [bleep]”


  • Like [bleep] For Chocolate.


  • Raiki

    I’m ashamed. No one has come up with

    The *bleep* Delusion, by Richard Dawkins.

    Also, I’m a huge nerd, so:

    Dr. Horrible’s Singalong *bleep*.

    …*bleep*ing Ninja…

  • “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” I guess that one that one takes care of itself.

    Pirate! again…

  • Citizen Z

    How to [Bleep] Your Dragon
    Hot Tub [Bleep] Machine


  • ff42

    The Passion of the [bleep]

    Lethal [bleep]


  • Revyloution

    To Kill a [bleep]

    with Calpurnia on the cover.

  • Becca

    The Big [Bleep] Theory because nerds are awesome. Ninja!

  • Ollie

    Penn & [bleep]er; Bullshit!
    The [bleep] of Brian
    [bleep]less: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading [bleep]s
    The Portable [bleep]: Essential [bleep]ings For The Nonbeliever
    His Dark [bleep]s:
    The Golden [bleep],
    The Subtle [bleep],
    and The Amber [bleep]

  • A list of books from TAM, aka The Amazing [BLEEP]

    * [BLEEP] From The Skies
    * Women Aren’t Supposed to [BLEEP]
    * The Truth About [BLEEP] Gellar
    * Why People [BLEEP] Weird Things
    * The [BLEEP] of The Market
    * Martin Gardner’s [BLEEP] Games

  • bill

    The Man With Two [bleeps]

    Boyz n the [bleep]


  • Allyson

    How to [bleep] a Guy in Ten Days
    [Bleep] in Toyland


  • Mike

    The Origin of the [bleep]

    Apathy and other [bleep] Victories

    2001: A [bleep] Odyssey

    Close Encounters of a [bleep] Kind

    Sponge Bob [bleep] Pants

    The Ghost[bleep]ers

  • Amenhotepstein

    Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and [Bleep] the Bomb!

    Ninjas, Ninjas, Ninjas…

  • Aimster

    This is my first post here, though I’ve been reading for nearly a year now…I couldn’t resist trying my hand at this game! How about…?

    “My Big, Fat, Greek (bleep). ”


  • Jesse P.

    Finding Darwin’s [Bleep] by Kenneth R. Miller

    Men Who Stare At [Bleep] by Jon Ronson

    Star Trek III: The Search for [Bleep] – Leonard Nimoy

    The Pink [Bleep] – Blake Edwards


  • Eats, Shoots & [bleep]

    No [bleep] for Old Men


  • OneTrueKinsman

    Star Trek: The Next [bleep]eration

    ninja, ninja, ninja! Hiya!

  • Sara

    [Bleep]ing Beauty


  • Dan W

    Star Wars: Return of the [Bleep]
    Star Wars: A New [Bleep]
    Star Wars: The Phantom [Bleep]
    Star Wars: [Bleep] of the Clones
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of [Bleep]
    The Great [Bleep] (by F. Scott Fitzgerald)
    [Bleep] Farm (by George Orwell)
    [Bleep] Behind (by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins)

    …I could go on, but I think that’s enough for now. Ninja.

  • Why People ..bleep.. Weird Things.


  • Derek

    [bleep] of the dead.

  • How I [bleeped] Your Mother


  • ash

    Hemant, as you didn’t specify if this was a US only comp (no offence taken if it is)…

    [Bleep] 2: Sloppy Seconds
    [Bleep] 3: The Happy Finish

    It’s a horror franchise, not porn!


  • Kerri

    Another international entry:

    The[bleep]Shop on the Left Bank by Thad Carhart

    The Tin [bleep] by Gunter Grass

    How [bleep] conquered the world by Francis Wheen

    All this and a [bleep] too by Dorothy

    The Winner of the National [bleep] Award by Jincy Willett

    The [bleep] of the Golden Horn by Emine Ozdamer

    [Bleep] the reaper by Josh Bazell


  • Kyle

    [Bleep] and [Bleep] in Las Vegas


    Where the Buffalo [Bleep]


  • What’s [bleep]ing Gilbert Grape?

    The Day the Clown [bleep]ed

    Willy Wonka and the [bleep] Factory

    The Wizard of [bleep]

    How Stella Got Her [bleep] Back

    What the [bleep] Do We Know?

    Expelled: No [bleep] Allowed

    Teenage Mutant [bleep] Turtles The Secret of the [bleep]

    Star Trek III: The Search for [bleep]ck

    Don’t Be A [bleep] to South Central While [bleep]ing Your [bleep] in the Hood


  • Ahh that all time Marx Brothers classic, [BLEEP] Soup.


  • Fellowship of the [BLEEP]


  • Santiago

    Some more international works for you guys:

    Love in the time of [bleep]

    100 years of [bleep]

    Chronicle of a [bleep] foretold

    The [bleep] according to Jesus Christ

    The [bleep] of Artemio Cruz


  • Amy

    Love & [BLEEP]

    [BLEEP] Island

    Wild Wild [BLEEP]

    Bad [BLEEP] II


  • Darwin’s Dagger

    That should have been the show’s title, anyway. She sure BLEEPED them as often as she slayed them.

    Ya bleep 2 vampires in 7 seasons and that’s the reputation you get?

    Fire(bleep) – Joss Whedon
    The Good, The Bad and The (Bleeped) – Sergio Leone
    Ghost(bleepers) – Ivan Reitman

  • Cindy

    {BLEEP} in a Junkyard: The Relentless {BLEEP} of Darwinism
    -by James Perloff


  • Justin

    Ya bleep 2 vampires in 7 seasons and that’s the reputation you get?

    I didn’t say “as many as.” I said “as often as.” If I hammer 5000 nails and turn 2 screws 2500 times, then I turn screws as often as I hammer nails. However, neither turning screws nor hammering nails makes me a necrophiliac.

  • Carolyn

    The Young and the (Bleep)less.

    (Bleeping) Sarah Marshall.

    Mr. Magorium’s (Bleeping) Emporium.

    (Bleepin’) in the Rain.

    A Tale of Two (Bleeps).

    (Bleep) Like a River.

    In the Time of the (Bleepers).

    Little (Bleepers).

    Revolutionary (Bleep).

    The Secret Life of (Bleeps).

    Water for (Bleepers): A Novel.

    Are You there (Bleeper)? It’s Me, Margaret (or Chelsea)

  • Joshua White

    There are some pretty good ones up above. But nothing beats this one.

  • Ryan

    Penn & Teller’s Bull[Bleep]!

    Oh wait – it already is…


  • Kelly

    The Demon-[Bleeped] World


  • tony

    palin’s “going (bleep)”


  • Alt+3

    The LORD [bleep] my shepherd; I shall not [bleep].  He [bleep] me to lie down in green pastures, he [bleep] me beside the still waters. He [bleep] my soul he [bleep] me in the paths of righteousness for his [bleep]’s sake. [bleep], though I walk through the valley of the [bleep] of death, I will [bleep] no evil, for thou [bleep] with me; thy rod and thy staff they [bleep] me. Thou preparest a [bleep] before me in the presence of mine enemies thou [bleep] my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall [bleep] me all the days of my life; and I will [bleep] in the house of the LORD for ever.

    Also, Jesus [bleep]s the little children.

  • Hannah C

    The Dangerous [bleep] For Boys


  • Alt+3

    Oh, concerning my previous post:

  • Since I’m stuck in my office:

    Five [Bleep]s Of A Team

    Seven [Bleep]s of Highly Effective People

    And just because:

    To [Bleep] And Die in LA

    MASH: A Novel About Three [Bleep] Doctors

    Ninja. Ninja. Neenjah.

  • Alt+3

    The F-[bleep] Atheist.

  • JT

    [bleep] Throat


  • Alex Salyer

    [Bleep!] for Sad Children. ((Webcomic))

  • Rob

    Letter to a Christian (Bleep)


  • the godless irishman

    [bleep]ing Arizona


  • Scott

    [Bleeps] on a Plane

  • Aj

    Queer as [bleep]
    Pillars of [bleep]
    The Nature of [bleep]
    Generation [bleep]
    Freaks and [bleep]

    Full Metal [bleep]
    [bleep]ed and Confused
    The Iron [bleep]
    [bleep] Until Dark
    You Don’t Know [bleep]
    Girl, [bleep]ed
    [bleep], Interrupted
    Big [bleep] in Little [bleep]
    Dirty [bleep] Things

    A Hat Full of [bleep]
    The Amazing Maurice and his Educated [bleep]
    George’s Marvellous [bleep]
    Fantastic Mr [bleep]

  • Randy

    Logan’s [bleep]


  • Randy

    Kentucky Fried [bleep]

  • Randy

    Classic Porn Movie:

    Deep [bleep]


  • Randy

    Close Encounters of the [bleep] Kind


  • Randy

    The Day the [bleep] Stood Still


  • Randy

    Monty Python’s Flying [bleep]


  • Randy

    The Bionic [bleep]


  • Randy

    The [bleep]-Haunted World: [bleep] as a [bleep] in the Dark – by Carl Sagan


  • Aj

    A [bleep] Too Far
    Good [bleep] Hunting
    Monty Python and the Holy [bleep]
    [bleep] with the Vampire: The [bleep] Chronicles
    [bleep] with a Chance of [bleep]
    The [bleep] Hunter

  • Ryan Booth

    Being that my wife was watching “You Got Mail?” while I read this…

    You got ‘BLEEP’

  • All Dogs [Bleep} in Heaven

    The {bleep} of the Christ, by Mel gibson

    The Last {bleep} of Christ, by Nikos Kazantzakis

    The World’s Last Night: And Other {bleep} by C. S. Lewis


  • Raj

    Stop! Or My Mom Will [bleep]


  • The Bleep Is Not Enough

  • Mark Miller

    Chicken Soup for the Blank Soul

  • Kurt N.

    “Bleep”ing John Malkovich.

  • Sean McHugh

    God Is Not BLEEP: How Religion Poisons Everything (2007) is a book-length critique of religion by author and journalist Christopher Hitchens.
    Seems appropriate!

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