Draw Muhammad Day: A Compilation May 20, 2010

Draw Muhammad Day: A Compilation

Why should we draw Muhammad?

Because Muslims say we can’t. They say any depiction of Muhammad is offensive, whether he’s angry or smiling or not even human.

The Muhammad who was recently depicted on South Park did not need to be censored.

The stick figure drawings of Muhammad that appeared on college campuses over the past couple weeks were pretty mild, too. They were not offensive to anyone looking at it rationally.

You know what is offensive?

Killing or attacking people because they draw a picture.

Censoring people who are exercising their right to free speech — as if free speech is allowed only when it doesn’t upset your personal sensibilities. It’s ridiculous that Pakistan censored Facebook altogether because people would be drawing pictures of Muhammad today.

I’m also offended by anyone calling the courageous people who risk verbal threats and physical harm by drawing these mild images “jerks” and “bigots.”

If moderate Muslims truly believe in free speech, they ought to be supporting the people who are drawing these images, even if they don’t necessarily like them. I welcome their criticism of my atheism, because my convictions are strong enough that a drawing or a book isn’t going to turn me into a loose cannon. I believe god doesn’t exist and my logic, reason, and evidence are stronger than anything you can throw at me.

I stand by all those who dare draw Muhammad today.

This week, I invited readers to submit their own images to me. They sent me a wonderful variety of creations — ranging from funny to thought-provoking to artistic. There were so many drawings sent to me, I couldn’t even use them all.

Below is a sampling of my favorites.

I’ll admit, a few of the drawings were not positive depictions of Muhammad as I had requested. But, you know what? This is in large part an exercise in free speech, and no one has the right not to be offended. So I’ve included a couple cringe-worthy images in the bunch.

Feel free to spread them around as you wish.

For larger versions of most images, just click on them.

Scott found Muhammad in a not-so-surprising place!

Brian found a way to use chalk and be artsy at the same time:

Leandro drew Muhammad drawing himself. (Wait… is that allowed?!):

Meanwhile, Stuart at Chain Bear drew Muhammad judging a Muhammad-drawing contest (Does everyone lose?):

Evan penciled a very hip Muhammad:

Justin drew a peace-loving Muhammad:

Anonymous took that idea one step further (so just try and get offended!):

Brap gave Muhammad a few alter egos:

Heini went right after the sensitive souls:

Michael made a t-shirt-friendly Muhammad:

Frank posed a question to readers:

Claudia posed a similar question:

Jim simultaneously offered a history lesson and family portrait:

Ty drew the happy newlyweds, too:

In the same vein, Anonymous living in Saudi Arabia definitely wanted to stir up some trouble…:

Joaquin found a way to go after Catholicism and Islam all at once:

Stephen photoshopped a beautiful little image:

Robert drew a cute version, expressing his love for Muhammad. (They can’t be mad about that, can they?)

Todd drew a version with the Arabic approximation for Muhammad in the corner:

Joe drew a few separate images to really make you think…:

Jeff used a similar theme to ask which stick figure is the most offensive:

DataPacRat, with thanks to XKCD, drew a Muhammad that will make everybody happy. Maybe…:

Monika offered readers a choice of whether or not they wanted to be offended:

Jeff made me laugh with his cartoon:

Juno‘s drawing was simple and straight-forward (though I don’t understand the different-colored shoes!):

Mak drew one that has a child-like, innocent quality to it:

Mak also threw in a sandman Muhammad that all the kids will love:

Anonymous drew it on AutoCAD:

Greta Christina kept it simple yet powerful:

Thomas put this patch on his backpack:

Ubi Dubium found a way to make a lolcat Muhammad:

Deanna offered a very positive message:

John made a game out of all this… (but I wouldn’t play it with any Muslim friends):

Luke didn’t even try to hide it:

Heather‘s YouTube video had a unique charm to it.

You thought your Darwin Fish bumper sticker would invite vandals? Just try doing what Kasey did.

One Muslim encouraged everyone to participate in Draw Muhammad Day — even Muslims!

ZOMGitsCriss said she *is* Muhammad.

Finally, Travis paid an homage to South Park with his Muhammad:

… and Toni found a way to combine Muhammad and Eric Cartman…:

Thanks to everyone for their submission. (No pun intended.)

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  • Joel

    I’m offended. sad face 🙁

  • Those stick figure Muhammads are right up my non-artistic alley! Especially the ones that may or may not be him.

    Well done, all!

  • I’m late to the party so…

    .( )
    . |
    / / – Muhammad

  • Jilleann

    The cartman one at the very end is my favorite, though they are all good.

  • Richard Wade

    Hooray for my friend Kasey! I’m impressed!

  • Also late to the game, but:

  • So the prohibition on drawing Muhammad is to prevent idolotry right? I think we’re all safe here.

    /|\ <== Muhammad
    / \

  • Seashells Hassan

    Patrick says:

    I don’t think there is any greatness to insult or poke fun at Mohammad. If people respecting him, please show your respect. There is no greatness to hurl insult at Mohammad. We can leave the matter there, that is not freedom of expression, like anti-semitism, insulting a Greate Prophet is a sign of hatred. I honestly think, there is no creative or constructive thoughts coming from this kind of attitude.

    We can cite many exmaples, we can showcase its a sign of freedom of expression, but, its just sowing greater devide and misunderstanding.

    May 13, 2010, 4:11 pm

  • adam

    I wish I had better drawing skills so I could post something sadly my vision exceeds my abilities

    but as always I loved ZOMGitsCriss’s video

    Anyway to all the artists great drawings and happy DMD

  • Shoot…forgot to add, I think I like Jeff’s self portrait day drawing the best (didn’t get a chance to watch the video)! But they’re all great 🙂

  • Claudia

    Yay! I made the cut! Wish the headlines were more visible though,

    My favorite was Jeff LOL.

  • I prefer a minimalistic approach.

    🙂 <- Muhammad

  • Jim

    Yay! I made the cut to!

    I’ve heard somewhere that the big problem that the muslims have with the personification of muhammed is that it would cause idolatry. However, umm, isn’t their extreme reaction against such a thing just another form of that same idolatry?

  • I think this page is very inappropriate and will only sever ties with the west and the muslim world. The relationship isnt the best but this is just creating more hatred and I thought we people of the west wanted peace??
    I guess not, we are just as bad as them!

  • Lukas
  • Blast. I missed my opportunity to display mine. I am a late entry, but since everyone is entering their via comment, I drawn mine and is posted via deviantArt:


  • Trace

    So much talent. I like Jeff’s a lot.

  • Chase

    Mine was submitted but didn’t make the competitive cut.

    The Adventures of Muhammad!

  • Hey Mo!

    Mark Fiore did a flash cartoon for Draw Mo Day


    I’m not sure he drew Mo, fairly certain he got the bearded dude from ZZ Top though.

  • Parse

    The only one I have anything negative to say about is Brap’s. From what I know of Islam, Muhammad isn’t actually God, but merely his ‘greatest’ prophet. Other than that, bravo!

    Oh, and are you accepting bets on how long it’ll be before somebody calls for heads to roll?

  • Staceyjw

    I think the best one is the pic where he wants his hands finished- it’s SO clever- a close second has to be the Cartman pic. The Catholic/Muslim one was also hilarious (and true).
    How fun!

  • Tyson

    Looks like the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” Facebook page has been removed. Can’t seem to find any details though.

  • &:-|>

    I wish I had the skill to do a Norman Rockwell style self portrait of Mr. M. I did like ChainBear’s and Robert’s versions.

  • Jude

    Did anyone else read that Pakistan has banned Facebook altogether because of this? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

  • Claudia

    Not just facebook, Youtube and wikipedia have also been banned.

    The page in facebook is gone. Now I can only hope its because it was hacked and not because FB bowed to pressure.

  • qwertyuiop

    I think this page is very inappropriate and will only sever ties with the west and the muslim world.

    There should be no ties since they have shown themselves repeatedly that they cannot be trusted to act civilized and therefore deserve no respect.

    This one speaks volumes: http://friendlyatheist.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Muh30.jpg

    The relationship isnt the best but this is just creating more hatred and I thought we people of the west wanted peace??

    Yes we do want peace. That’s why we have to keep Islam out of our countries.

    Bottom line: They should have to adapt to our way of life if they want to live here, just as we would have to if we wanted to live in their countries, although I can’t imagine why we would want to…

  • Joyfulbaby

    Hoverfrog is right: The taboo against drawing images of Mohammed is not because it’s offensive; it’s because if we make images of him, we might worship the image and not the real thing (like he’s still around or something). We’re not allowed to worship false idols.

  • qwertyuiop
  • McBloggenstein

    “I think this page is very inappropriate and will only sever ties with the west and the muslim world. The relationship isnt the best but this is just creating more hatred and I thought we people of the west wanted peace??
    I guess not, we are just as bad as them!”

    Yes, drawing a picture is just as bad as death threats, homicide, and suicidal tendencies. Yes.

  • fea24

    Claudia’s is my favorite. I wish it could be printed so it’s clear, though.

  • I am offended by my own drawing!!!

    BeamStalk aka Justin

  • Hitch

    Non-muslims don’t worship a false idol at all though. This isn’t the prophet(s) we choose. Don’t worship stick figures if you are not allowed to, that’s fine by my for sure.

    Anyway here is a you-tube one:

  • FYI the original Facebook page is back.

    Obviously FB caved on their originally caving. Spelunk!

  • Evan

    A lot of awesome in here. Also enjoying the links to others.

  • Zapski
  • Claudia
  • Lost Left Coaster

    @qwertyuiop: Um, your broad stereotyping is not in any way helping this cause.

    I think that by focusing the critique on the religion, rather than on the adherents, this Draw Muhammed day activity is defensible. But once idiots break out with the “Muslims aren’t civilized” line then it is clear for many people that this whole thing is just a chance to express their bigotry against Muslims.

  • Arc the Lad

    Has there been another radical group consisting of only 8-10 people who have insinuated that safety is threatened?

  • I think the idea is that when Muslims complain, we make jokes. They launch death threats, we draw cartoons. They call us names, we take it. They insult atheists all the time but we don’t bomb the local embassy.

    All the responses to the cartoons prove is that:

    Muslims don’t have a thick skin,
    They have no sense of humour,
    They hold ludicrous beliefs that can only be defended through threats of violence,

  • Great collection! I saw not one pic that was racially insensitive in the bunch, although it would have been the last thing I would have expected from this fine bunch.

  • It’s great that one can draw Muhammad without needing any artistic skills at all — as I have amply demonstrated.

  • Drawing Muhammad makes baby Muhammad cry.

    I guess it’s hard for Westerners to understand the passion behind the aversion to providing images to worship since the West objectifies everything… particularly the worship of the personage of Jesus. (including Mary if you are Catholic… or the bible if you are Evangelical).

    P.S. here is my submission for the day. Don’t kill me because I didn’t show all of his face.

  • Leilani

    This isn’t about offending. This is about free speech.

    The Mormons hold the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr in very high regard, but if we were to draw him raping one of his 47 wives (some of them children) while the others waited in line crying… yeah, the Mormons would find that offensive. Would they threaten death and torture? Probably not. You can either ‘make fun’ of everyone or no one.

    Atheists are the brunt of a lot of jokes, I doubt any of us would fire bomb someone’s house if they mocked Dawkins.

    I still cannot believe Trey and Matt were censored like that IN America. I was speechless when, at the end of that episode, they bleeped out all that dialogue! So now we can’t even say Muhammad or speak of him? Should we just turn all of our rights over to Muslim extremists? I am all about being sensitive to other cultures, but when it impedes upon my fellow Americans rights, that is where I draw the line.

  • fea24

    Thank you Claudia!!!

  • Leilani said:

    that is where I draw the line

    And then call it Muhammad?

  • I’m a bit late to the game, but I thought I’d try a little “text dump”:


  • Great group of images. Some are very thought-provoking. Hope it’s ok to link to mine.

  • Molotov Molly

    I loved the t.shirt design “It’s Mohammad! Don’t be afraid!” I would wear a t-shirt like that but I would be afraid of being beaten up…

    I also agree with a previous commentor that it’s important to distance ourselves from those whose issues with Muslims are racially motivated; the ‘This is Australia! If you don’t like it fuck off!!’ crowd with a southern cross tattoo and no shirt. Thats what a lot of them look like in Australia anyway.

  • I especially like Stephen’s.

    The one from a person living in Saudi Arabia shows that there are people in Muslim countries who disagree with parts of Islam and are against the violence. I think it’s important to point out that it’s not an issue of one country vs. another country, but of free speech vs. anyone who doesn’t support free speech.

    I could be wrong about this, but I always thought (from what I learned in Islamic Sunday school) that the whole idea behind not having a picture of Mohammad was related to the rule about not having idols. Clearly, the people who are drawing these pictures are not worshipping the pictures. So, what’s the big deal?

    Thanks for posting this!

  • Bob


    “The relationship isnt the best but this is just creating more hatred and I thought we people of the west wanted peace?”

    When did peace mean that non-Muslims must accept tenets of Shari’a Law?

    And from whom is the hatred coming? The people offering depictions that may or may not be Muhammad, or the people trying to burn down people’s homes and issuing death threats?

  • Jeff Akston

    You like me! You really like me! Also, can we draw the Christian God next? The second Commandment pretty clearly says that it’s a no-no to draw God or Jesus or the Devil. But I don’t think that it will get as much press since Christians have no problem ignoring their own Commandments

  • I’m an atheist, but several members of my family are Muslim. I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about this little collage of mine:


    But I hope even they would realize that images are not the problem. What people do about them matters more than the subject. Or it should. Otherwise, by their own rules, it’s indistinguishable from idolatry.

  • jemand

    🙂 <-Muhammad!

  • Hitch

    I love how many of these are really positive, smiling and all! Go go all! Positive images!

    “How dare you draw a friendly face”

    Nothing shows the absurdity of it all when people are offended by positive images.

    🙂 <-Muhammed!

  • Hitch

    🙂 <-Muhammed!

  • Killer Bee

    The one from a person living in Saudi Arabia shows that there are people in Muslim countries who disagree with parts of Islam and are against the violence.

    While that’s no doubt true, S. Arabia has foreign workers (petroleum engineers and military personnel) from America and Europe. The submission could have been from one of those.

  • sc0tt

    Arggh… too late to the party. Imagine a FSM where the meatballs are Muhammad’s head; that’s what I drew. (You’re probably imagining it better than it really looks.)

  • Brian E

    I love this thread so much…

    And one thing’s for sure, if Muslim jihadists are planning another attack on the U.S. (when aren’t they?), I’m pretty sure I know what date they’ve got picked out…

  • runawayuniverse

    Here is my effort

    Alfred E. Muhammad

  • Toni

    Whether stick-figure or elaborate art, I’m proud of all who have participated in this protest. You guys are the best!

    I’ve seen the gammut of responses to these pics and I’d like to share one of my favorites from the Muslim community:

    Sxxd Jxxxxn: “It is so cool ,.
    But it doesnt seem to be our prophet,
    maybe it’s ur daddy?

    Gotta love this guy! 🙂 Peace, all!

  • Sean the true prophet of Islam

    Also a bit late to the game..

    Muhammed spends some quality time with his wives:


  • adam

    The face book page “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” was not taken down it looks like they had some technical problems but its up now.

  • qwertyuiop

    Is there an official way to spell it? I mean, we have Mohammed, Mohammad, Muhammed, Muhammad…

  • Sean
  • I mentioned my entry on two Islamic blogs I participate in, asking if I should be killed.

    So far, the two posters who have responded have said ‘yes’, one with a direct statement that “… when the Ummah is strong once more then I will hunt you down and fry you in boiling oil.”

    My very first death threats! I’m so proud!

  • Leandro

    Sweet, mine was selected! 😀
    This post is full of win.

  • Here is my contribution. I cannot draw for shit, so I made a collage and took a photo.

  • Claudia

    @DataPacRat I got two messages in Arabic on my facebook. I’m guessing they weren’t about butterflies and teddy bears, but sadly I don’t know the language so I can’t be sure.

    Note to unevolved thugs, please remember to threaten in a language your victim understands. Nothing more frustrating than sending a disgusting death threat only to be met by puzzlement.

  • Killer Bee


    If they’re in a copy-pasteable format you can use Google language tools to translate the messages if you so wish.


  • RyanS

    Here’s my submission. I have absolutely no artistic ability what-so-ever so I used windows paint :)…

    Happy everybody-draw-muhammad day!

    Thank goodness for free speech and expression.

  • schism

    I’ll just leave this here.

    Yes, I did spend an inordinate amount of time on that masterpiece, thanks for asking.

  • Sarah

    Leandro and Stuart’s are my favorites. Muhammad drawing himself… so clever. 🙂

  • Juno

    Juno here, the reason my stick figure has one shoe on and one off is because I am a dork and forgot to color the other foot, lol.

  • L. Foster

    I came in late to the party, but I knew it was important to show up.


    I will not be bullied.

  • Claudia

    @Killer Bee yeah, I thought of that, but it comes up with nothing. Maybe its not Arabic but some other dialect. I aske the guy for a translation, but he just sent me some more stuff in Whateverish.

  • Killer Bee


    Interesting. It could be Farsi or Urdu. Oh well.

    Yeah, pretty stupid of them to send a threat in an unknown language.

  • CoffeeJedi
  • RyanS

    I didn’t like my last version so here’s the new one.


  • Here are some “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoons from my Shades of Gray blog. May a Million Moes Smile Upon you this Blessed Day!

  • r3v

    My entry: http://yfrog.com/133iap

    … I was confused.

  • Here’s mine…an attempt to make everone’s day a little more surreal:


  • Greg

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the rationale behind the banning of drawing Muhammad in the Koran is to prevent idolatry, is it not? You know, to prevent the worship of Muhammad: Muhammad being a prophet, rather than divine.

    Is there not an argument, though, that this insistence that no-one draw Muhammad is an example of idolatry? Apparently we can’t draw him because he is such a holy figure to the Muslims, and all, you know…

    Just a thought.

    Incidentally, add YouTube and Wikipaedia to the list of sites banned by Pakistan.

  • Sashex

    Facebook deleted the page but free speech can’t be stopped.

    My inclusive approach on the event.:


  • Aaron

    Is there not an argument, though, that this insistence that no-one draw Muhammad is an example of idolatry?

    Exactly. They are not supposed to worship him, but their reaction is exactly the one I would expect from someone who worships him.
    I would expect the reaction from someone who doesn’t worship Mohammed is “Eh…”.

  • Dan W

    Here’s mine:

    O{-< Muhammad

  • I want mine to be included: http://bit.ly/b5hpl8

  • Here’s mine:
    Or in video form with appropriate theme song:

  • I tried to cram many internet memes into one pic…


  • Muslims don’t belong in the West. Simple as that.

  • Mak

    Don’t bother, OneSTDV. No one cares.

  • Zerotarian

    I love the respectful — or at least legitimately and pointfully critical — tone of the contributions and most of the discussion here. 🙂 And I agree that Claudia’s is the most powerful.

    So late, but here are my two contributions:

    Simple one: http://i.imgur.com/H344S.jpg

    FSM-themed one: http://i.imgur.com/p6W07.jpg

  • TalesOfFaN
  • Kasey

    No one said anything about my car. No one seemed to notice. I drove it everywhere today. It was very disappointing. I guess in the end no one really cares.

  • Nakor

    @Kasey: Nobody really caring… that’s the goal, isn’t it? 😉

  • I know it’s late (about five minutes before the deadline in my time zone) but I wrote an entry about why I support Everybody Draw Mohammad Day and linked to some of the pictures and posts I like.

    Thanks for inspiring me, Hemant!


  • @Nakor: I agree. The people who get upset will look even more ridiculous if we point to others (especially other Muslims) who just didn’t care about the drawings.

  • Cory

    I really have a hard time understanding the point of this. I’m an atheist and I really don’t see who this helps. So in response to a fringe group of one religion, we’re supposed to get together and willfully offend the rest of their group? Doesn’t that just justify a lot of their feelings of marginalization and the “us versus them” mentality that we’re seeing even here? And then there’s people saying that Muslims and The West can’t get along, which baffles me. Why can’t they? Because of what one group of them do?

    It seems like at least some of these (perhaps not on this site) are coming from a place of hate of different people rather than a place of love for free speech.

    I guess a big part of it is I don’t see what really makes me inherently different from anybody else. If I had grown up in someone else’s shoes, I suspect I wouldn’t be much more different from that person. So when you say that Muslims and the West can’t get along, tell me why. And tell me why that can’t be changed.

  • Accusations that this is all just hate speech are baseless. Let’s not forget that over a hundred people died in 2005 because someone depicted Mohammed in a satirical cartoon. And Western media did in fact choose to censor itself and trade in on our most fundamental values out of fear of violence retaliation. And now millions of citizens of Pakistan are having their freedoms trampled on to accommodate the violent fanatics as well. This is squarely an issue of defending free speech against those who threaten violence and murder against those who don’t play by their rules. And many are indeed willing to make good on those threats. Demanding respect with a sword brings not unity but tyranny.

    As Frederick Douglass once said:

    “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

    This is explored in great detail in this article here:


  • AxeGrrl

    ‘Reason’ magazine had a contest:

    And The Winner of The Everybody Draw Mohammad Contest is…

    I love the 2 runners-up and I think the winning submission is fab 🙂

    (too bad we can’t post pics here in the comments section!)

  • ihedenius


    Mo on psychiatric couch: “Other prophets have followers with a sense of humor”

    “Published in Mail & Guardian 20 th May 2010”
    the site states

  • Shukri
  • I wrestled with this. I’m an artist, atheist and supporter of free speech, but I wrestled with it.

    Here it is.

  • Nizaris1

    If you want war, you will get one, if you want peace, you will get one, choose.

    When war happen, don’t blame others, blame your self. If millions died because of this stupid thing, don’t blame others, but blame your self. That is what you want….

  • Nizaris1,

    I cannot speak for everyone else, but I do not see anyone calling for war. Millions should not die because drawings were made.

    I understand the purpose of this day is probably deeply upsetting to you and many other people. Threats of war are deeply upsetting to me and many other people. In life, sometimes we are going to be upset or offended. I would rather be offended by a drawing or cartoon than by war or death.

    Be well.

  • Arent

    I am offended and also a bit unhappy. Just because in Sura 8:55 atheists are compared to animals is no reason at all to criticize that. If we would not continuously mention that atheists are compared to animals in Sura 8:55 surely atheists would be respected and tolerated. Furthermore we need to understand and respect the feelings of muslims better. Deliberately wanting to be atheist on purpose obviously means nothing less than claiming no god exists! That’s essentially claiming Mohammed made up a story and is a liar. How rude is that? So you can be atheist but you should be quiet about that because you’re being extremely offensive.

  • Hi friend
    i was angry and i made a bad post on my blog, last week, with naughty pictures of the prophets of the three religions (in french) :

    I’m happy to discover your blog, i’m a french atheist and very interested by the Pakistan.

  • Ron

    I feel the word “respect” is the most important word in the English language. If everyone in the world practiced the meaning of the word “respect” there would be no need for laws, the Ten Commandments, locks on doors, armies or jails. Muslims say they are offended by the lack of respect of the religious figure, Muhammad. Yet Muslims do not respect the right of Jews to even exist, free expression or even life without fear. So then why should I feel inclined to respect Muslim beliefs? Why was the word “offend” left out of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? Could it be because it interfered with free expression? There can’t be laws for offending something because no matter what you say, someone could claim to be offended. Throughout the history of the world artist or writers are constantly restraining their expressions in fear of offending someone. I don’t know about you, but I want to know what an artist really feels and I want people to hear “exactly” what I say and hopefully understand what I mean.

    Please feel free to offend me or my beliefs anytime.

  • lukmahn

    All said and read, I applaud the general idea on this blog…I really do!!
    But on the other hand, I’d like to ask anyone that would be asked…What is the comparison between rights and responsibilities?
    What did our creator (oops, this is an atheist blog…but a free speech forum) intend in granting us all “free-will”
    And what is the price to pay for abusing those rights we so callously demand from others? This question indeed applies to Muslims as well (I am one too!)
    In this age of supposed enlightenment and civilization (LOL) no one needs a sermon on others’ rights or their own for that matter,… I believe any lawyer/counsel would give you that for free… what this God-forsaken world really needs is the kind of maturity that holds responsibility for those rights demanded, and granted or denied.
    All creation or religious texts I believe even teach that…even though God is merciful, when a people abuse these rights too much (and He did grant free-will) those same rights or more may be denied them afterall!
    Lets be responsible people, and then maybe inspite of all the rights we have, mutual respect, consideration, love and true friendship just might seep through the cracks in this tension and hate-packed arena we call a world!!
    Oh, I also welcome any criticism and offense…seems to be the official end note on this blog (LOL!!)

  • Syed Imran

    Mohammad(S.A.W) is not the Prophet for muslims only, He (S.A.W) is the last prophet of God for the whole humanity and for the people of all origins.
    Mohammad (S.A.W) should be respected by the humanity because He (S.A.W) is the source of blessings for this world and world after.
    If you want to insult him or draw him then please first read his life and teachings, then you people will know the truth.
    So, if you want blessings of God for you and your families,then please respect Muhammad (S.A.W) and his teachings.

  • YakobusRO

    Here‘s a cartoon of my brother’s.

    If fundamentalist Muslims start creating cyborgs we’re at a loss…

  • Jrico

    Loved them all! Sad not to be able to draw a picture of some one because you might be killed for it!

  • Breka 12

    Jeff Said: You like me! You really like me! Also, can we draw the Christian God next? The second Commandment pretty clearly says that it’s a no-no to draw God or Jesus or the Devil. But I don’t think that it will get as much press since Christians have no problem ignoring their own Commandments

    It’s funny to see how you assume the people here at friendlyatheist posting muhammed pics are christian.. Also, what would be the point of doing it with christians, they won’t firebomb or make death threats..

  • Otto

    Since drawing Muhammed is forbidden, then how do their religious leaders know if anyone has actually drawn Muhammed?

    Do they have pictures of Muhammed? If so, who drew the picture and were they killed for doing it?

  • Rev. Jim

    One more late entry. it’s my e-mail sig.


  • Scott

    What the Hell? I was expecting a bunch of ballsy pictures of a goat sodomizing, child molesting or decapitating Muhammad. Only a couple even skirt these ideas. No… everyone played it save with happy little benevolent stick people who could not hurt a fly. I am sure that had this been a worldwide assignment to draw pictures of the damned pope none of these people would have held back. Izzylam and Muhammad are ripe with things to criticize and yet when faced with an opportunity to offend them back (because beheadings, rape, stonings, forced marriage, sharia law, burquas, and intolerance are pretty damn offensive)almost everyone caved and went all happy because they are scared of standing up to a real threat. What a sham.

  • Nick

    I know 1 Muslim. He is a really cool guy. I wouldn’t draw this to offend him. However, He is also likely to not say anything about it and just navigate away from this site. Like most Muslims would. I want to insult the Muslims that kill other people. I have an intense hatred of murderers, as we all should.

    The fact is that people like the ones calling for death to those that draw Muhammed are using Islam as an excuse to be oppressive to others.

    The fact is that Jewish People and Christians (don’t honestly know about the rules of other religions) also have a rule about graven images, but when people draw stupid pictures you hear about people that don’t like it, but you rarely hear about murder being involved.

    Apologize to any good Muslims that you know that are offended by this. And by that I mean good people who are also Muslim. They don’t deserve to be treated badly.

    My hatred is for the evil that use Islam as a shield to hide behind.

  • Natasha

    I am a Muslim and I have to say this…when something could anger and bring out negative reactions from Muslims or any religious or pious person, why do it in the first place? When it is already known drawing that Muslims are not encouraged to draw any sort of depiction of our Rasul (SAW), why must people still persist and fight this? Where has the respect gone? I’m all for freedom of speech but respect for all religions should be the most important thing. I wish most Muslims around the world would just ignore this attack on our religion and go on with their lives. But you see we as Muslim, well most of us anyways, love our religion and Allah and our Rasul. And most people know that when u’re passionate about something, you are bound to fight for it if you could. You’re right about the killings. It is not right! But look around you, killings are being done everywhere for ridiculous reasons and human life does not have any value what so ever anymore. My request is just for everyone else to PLEASE have some RESPECT. We’re all people with our own beliefs and faith. No one wants or enjoys being attacked! Think about it. We’re all ultimately the same. We all have rights but it should never go out of bounds. Once again, please have some respect for others’ religion. It would make everyone a better, more respectful human being and I really don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • Natasha wrote: “Where has the respect gone?”

    My respect vis-a-vis Islam packed its bags when the Supreme Leader of Iran put a bounty on the head of Salman Rushdie for writing a book. It purchased a one-way plane ticket when Palestinian crowds danced in the streets over the mass-murders in NYC in 2001. It left for some secret location in 2005 when Muslims started violently going after Kurt Westergaard and other artists for drawing Mohammed cartoons. It made a firm declaration it would never be seen again when Lars Vilks was violently attacked during a lecture on freedom of expression just a few weeks ago. “Draw Mohammed Day” has been a long-time coming.

  • Natasha, when Muslims respect my right to draw pictures of Muhammad, even offensive ones, then I might consider respecting the self imposed Muslim restriction of not drawing Muhammad. Don’t tell me what to do, don’t threaten me, don’t try to kill me. Live as if your religion were the peaceful religion that we’re occasionally told that it is and maybe then I might consider your feelings.

    Actually I’m sure that you’ve not actually made any threats or killed anyone but there are others of your faith who have and unfortunately they represent your faith. By extension they represent you. That is the same problem that Catholics face when they read stories of child raping priests, or Jehovah’s Witnesses face when they prefer that someone dies rather than has a blood transfusion, or Baptists when the Phelps lot picket a funeral, or even Scientologists face whenever Tom Cruise speaks out about his wacky religion.

    If it were me I’d be embarrassed to defend them.

  • Hitch

    It’s really interesting how the words “respect” “tolerance” “kindness” etc are being twisted.

    Respect, tolerance, kindness is a two-way street.

    Yet this is all one-sided. One side demands respect, tolerance, kindness with the statement to withdraw it the second it is perceived as not having been granted.

    If children act that way we don’t say “Yes you are right”. We tell them that they have to consider both sides, and shouldn’t be so hyper-sensitive as to not even allow misunderstandings or differences. We ask them and the others to reach out, understand each others (and not just one) perspective and show tolerance, which is to possible allow the others to be as they are, and not live their lives according to our fantasies.

    I have extreme cognitive dissonance over this. We are supposed to believe that smiling stick figures are the same as swastikas. To me that is totally twisted, so twisted in fact that something harmless in fact positive is equated with the worst genocidal murder ever. Makes no sense.

  • Greg

    I’m all for freedom of speech but respect for all religions should be the most important thing.

    Natasha, this is a simple question, and I mean it sincerely, but without malice.


    Why should religions have any respect, let alone why should it be the most important thing possible to respect religions.

    Respect is earned, and I have yet to find a religion that has earned my respect. In fact, it is rather the opposite.

    (Note: I have met religious people who have earned my respect, but that is another thing entirely.)

  • A Muslim

    I am A Muslim, Kill Me And Call It Colleteral Damage, Imprison me and call it security measure, exile my people en messe and call it New Middle East, rob my resources, invade my land, Alter my Leadership & call it, Democracy.

    A Jew can grow his beard in order to practice his faith

    But when Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and terrorist!

    A nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to God, right?

    But, then, if a daughter of Muslim-Ummah does the same, why is she oppressed?

    When a western woman stays at home to look after her house and kids she is respected by the entire society because of sacrificing her life to her house

    But when a Muslim woman does so by her will, they say, “she needs to be liberated”!

    Any girl can go to university wearing what she wills and have her rights and freedom?

    But when a Muslim Girl/Lady wears Hijab(cover), they prevent her from entering the university!

    When a child dedicates himself to a subject, he has potential and talent..

    But when he dedicates himself to Islam he is hopeless!

    When a Jew kills someone, religion is not mentioned, but when a Muslim is charged with a crime, it is Islam that goes to trial!

    When someone sacrfices himself to keep others alive, he is noble and everyone respects him.

    But when a Palestinian does that to save his son from being killed, his brother’s arm being broken, his mother being raped, his home being destroyed, and his mosque being violated — He gets the title of ‘terrorist’! Why? Because he is a “Muslim”!

    When there is trouble, we accept any solution available, right? However, if the solution lies in Islam, we refuse to take a look at it.

    When someone drives a perfect car in an improper manner, no one blames the car….

    But when any Muslim makes a mistake or treats people in a bad manner – people say “Islam is the reason”!

    Jack Garrett says:
    May 23, 2010 at 9:36 am
    We must eradicate islam now before it’s to late. There is no moderate islam! Islam is a failed religion from the start, based on the teachings of a pedophile. There is no debating this. A pedophile is a pedophile. All signs of islam must be removed from the world.

    When someone talk against anyone’s religion or play with others feelings it is a comment or freedom of speech but if a muslim does same thing then it is a terrorism.

    We Love Our Prophet MUHAMMAD(PBUH) Even More Than Our Lives. We Will Sacrifice Our Lives For Our Prophet(PBUH).

    ISLAM is The Only Religion Which Is Continuously Expanding In The Whole World. Even The President Of U.S.A Is Hussein.

    We Respect Our Religion, Not Like You Idiots Make Fun Of Your Holy Books And Popes or fathers etc.

  • iGod
  • iGod, I don’t think you’ll be getting any death threats for your pictures of atheists.

  • Nizaris1

    Glendon Mellow,

    Wars can be sparked by just a stupid thing like this, so when war happen, don’t blame others, but blame yourself.

    Stupid thing like this can be manipulated by opportunists, so i never think of so called wise intellectual atheists are so stupid enough to think about this.

    You do this kind of thing, bcause you want war. It is obvious.

  • Nizaris1, I don’t want war. Images should not lead to war. I believe you still misunderstand the purpose of this whole event.

    Nonetheless, I said I would probably take it down, and I did. It’s removed from my blog.

    If you saw it before it was removed, I might point out my digital painting was one where I had erased the image in the middle, and never actually posted an image of the Prophet. I censored the painting before putting it on display, because I think it makes a similar point.

    And now the censored painting is gone.

  • Gauldar


    People start wars because they have some idea that they are justified in their actions. People who act on these impulses and kill for these reasons should be put in the dirt, where they belong. Then we will finaly have peace.

  • asdf872j

    My favorites were Mr MohaMad head and the one with the pope.

  • Bangdu

    My drawing of Mohamet

    <( )
    / / – Mohamet

  • Someone

    The whole fact that you make a day dedicated to offending other people’s traditions and customs makes you the bigot for not respecting their requests as a faith.
    I myself am Catholic and not a Muslum, but when i find people going out of their way to offend others, that’s when the line is crossed.
    Thought you should know ……

  • zxc45187

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  • Bhebghnhrjnh

    ITT: Smug white people try to defend their bullying of hundreds of thousands of people on the basis of religion.


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