The Catholic Vegan Dilemma: Can I Eat Communion Wafers? June 27, 2016

The Catholic Vegan Dilemma: Can I Eat Communion Wafers?

Dan Piraro, the artist behind the comic strip Bizarro recently drew something for a friend of his celebrating her 33rd anniversary. She and her husband were raised Catholic, but they were joking about the communion wafer — the literal body of Christ — and whether vegans could eat it.

So he drew this:


Piraro says it “it might be problematic to publish it in the papers” as his regular strip, so it’ll have to remain online.

It turns out there are vegan-friendly wafers. But if you truly believe Catholic doctrine, then taking Communion would technically mean you’re eating an animal product and the actual ingredients wouldn’t matter.

Can we call that a Cat(e)ch(ism)-22?

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