An Atheist Country Singer: God Isn’t Real July 11, 2009

An Atheist Country Singer: God Isn’t Real

I’m not generally a country music fan, but if all songs were like this, maybe I could get used to it…

The song is “God Isn’t Real” by Robbie Fulks and the video was made by SecularAstronomer:

An excerpt of the lyrics:

A world filled with wonder, a cold, fathomless sky
A man’s life so meager, he can but wonder why
He cries out to Heaven its truth to reveal
The answer: only silence, for God isn’t real.

Go tell the executioner of the power he can’t defy
Go tell his shackled victim of the mercy on high…
Then go to your churches, go beg, pray, and kneel,
But don’t ask me to follow, for God isn’t real.

Will Robbie perform at the CMAs this year? I’ll watch.

(Thanks to Javier for the link!)

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  • MaleficVTwin

    Will Robbie perform at the CMAs this year?

    Considering that most country artists are thoroughly deluded, I doubt it.

  • Brian C Posey

    I see the glass is half empty.

  • AMT

    Holy shit, that was depressing.

  • Florian

    Anyone know what the backstory is regarding the steeple falling into the church?

  • meatyphil

    I agree that God is probably not real, but holy hell, I never want to see that video again.

  • Nick

    Anyone know what the backstory is regarding the steeple falling into the church?

    I’v seen that video before. I forget where and when but it was the after shocks of an earthquake. People were trying to rescue things from structurally damaged churches in the area after the initial shake when the after shocks came. I think the first short clip might be from a different event.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Good song; odd video. I’m not into the genre, but it’s still good to see this in the pious world of country music.

  • Good lyrics but it was depressing to see the images from Africa. However: that is real and like Robbie says, god ain’t!

  • AxeGrrl

    I highly doubt an atheist country singer would perform at the CMAs…..he’d probably get beaten to a pulp in the parking lot before he could ever make in.

    Seriously, can you imagine the reaction of the God-fearing audience? At the very least, he’d be booed off the stage.

  • There IS a God, an Atheist Country Singer says there is NOT….the only way a Country singer would EVER say there was not God is if there was… else could this happen?

    Have I been wrong all along?

  • James H

    Video is very amateur. Video editor was clearly going for shock value and, quite frankly, it was exploitative.

    The music I don’t care for either, really.

  • Wes

    Ugh. I’m a rabid atheist, and I love a good country song, and that song appeals to neither side of my personality. It puts too much emphasis on the negative aspects of atheism. It’s musically uninteresting–just generic country, with no feeling and no uniqueness. The video is, as others have said, cheap exploitation.

    I really can’t think of anything about it that I like.

  • Jen

    I enjoy country music, but I do sick of lyrics like whatever song is currently in rotation that includes “they took prayer out of schools” which makes me yell at my radio and have general road rage. Good on someone for pulling a Dixie Chicks, here. Reba is going to grind him to a pulp, but still.

  • JSug

    As the Dixie Chicks can attest, country musicians who publicly proclaim ideas not popular with their target audience can look forward to a rapid loss of said audience. If they are high-profile enough, they can even look forward to protesters at their concerts and death threats.

    And that was just for saying they were ashamed the president was from their state.

  • JSug is totally right.

    Especially country music which tends to have an audience of more rural decent. And it is no surprise people in rural areas are not only more religious, but more fanatical.

    I’m not saying all people living in a rural environment are religious fanatics, just that there is a higher incidence rate in said population.

  • Rob Logan

    I heard Robbie Fulks on Fresh Air explaining why he wrote this song and about the cranky reactions he gets from country fans when he performs it. The interview is on the NPR website. The section on “God Isn’t Real” starts at around 20:40.

  • Hannah

    If God isn’t real how do you explain the purpose of all the suffering contained in this video? Yes, Christianity may require faith and repentance but at least it provides hope.

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