New Chick Tract: Black Man Sells His Soul May 21, 2009

New Chick Tract: Black Man Sells His Soul

When a new Chick Track pops up and I see that it features black people, I cringe in advance…

This one doesn’t fail to disappoint.

It’s about young Denzel who would do anything — anything — to become a great basketball player. His dad’s a preacher and his brother was killed in a drive-by.

Thank you, Jack Chick, for breaking the stereotypes.


And we can always count on these tracts to tell us new and useful information…


I’d love to meet the person who converts as a result of these…

(via Tacoma Atheists)

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  • mikespeir

    “Blast it!”? Wow, Satan, watch your language.

  • creamcicle

    “any deal with the devil is phony” seems a bit harsh. the only one backing out of the deal is denzel.

  • Actually, for borderline racist drivel full of broad stereotypes, it’s pretty well drawn for a chick tract

  • Alan E.

    One of the things on the bottom it tells people to do is read their bible every day, but not just any bible. The KJV to be exact. The KJV is better than any other bible out there.

  • Mountain Humanist

    I agree with arkonbey. It’s a shame that whoever drew that is not making a real name for himself or herself in graphic novels.

  • John Larberg

    I read all of these I can get my hands on. I read one once that basically said that honorable moral “regular” Christians are still going to hell cause they aren’t of a particular “correct” faith. good stuff.

  • Tony

    I love how the shooter yells “Gotcha!”

  • dwimmerlaik81

    Ahh, nothing like the mixed signals of Christian propaganda. Considering his “worldly” lifestyle and his lack of repentance for apparently wishing his brother dead, Denzel still goes to heaven. I think the real message here is:

    Kids, sell your soul to the devil and live it up, then get saved at the last minute. All the fun, with none of the Hell.

  • Cypress Green

    I’m guessing Mr. Chick isn’t black…LOL Seriously, I agree the art is better than usual, but the wrinkled up faces on the ‘bad guys’ is really stupid. I’ve always wanted the full set of Chick Tracts for fun and laughs at parties, but I’d hate to spend the $ on them. I’m so sorry I’m not an artist myself. We could make our own! We could call them Mehta Tracts of Reason!

  • Cypress Green

    Oh, and this reminds me of one of my fav graphic novels, Proposition Player by Bill Willingham.
    a description: Joey Martin, a smalltime professional card player in Las Vegas, accidentally becomes the custodian of three dozen human souls as a result of a bet, and instantly becomes a celestial powerbroker. Of course he’s a very small time powerbroker, with only three dozen souls compared to the billions controlled by heaven and hell, and both those factions immediately try to put the squeeze on him to get him out of the soul-collecting game. But Joey hooks up with some of the has-beens of the celestial realm, pagan gods who were long ago eclipsed by the dualistic powers of heaven and hell, and begins building his stake….

    Very entertaining and shows Heaven in a shocking light.

  • no one converts because of these

  • Essentially the message of this tract seems to be: if you make a deal with the devil and remember to have a deathbed conversion, you can have a perfect life AND a great afterlife.

    Am I getting the wrong message?

  • CatBallou

    I like the warning about any deal with the devil being phony. Are there people out there who think some deals might be legitimate?
    If these tracts actually warned about deals with Nigerian princes, they’d be useful!

  • THINK!

    Seems to me like a deal with Satan is really the best option here. Party hearty for thirteen years, repent for five minutes, live for eternity in paradise! Perfect plan!

  • So the moral of the story is that you should sell your soul to the devil for everything you can get – as much fame and fortune as you want – because all you have to do is ask Jesus forgiveness the day before you die and you’ll be saved despite the rest of it.

    That’s what I love about contemporary evangelical christianity: by reducing all of morality and spiritual success to a single task — accepting Jesus — it requires essentially nothing of the believer, and is therefore a pretty easy sell.

  • That’s sick, but standard fare for a Chick tract. You’re not human and certainly pure scum unless you’re an RRRW evangelical.

  • And look: It’s Your Life has been “adapted for Black audiences”. Apparently Chick wants to be an equal-opportunity offender.

  • Gabriel

    So the devil will actually appear if I offer to sell my soul. A testable hypothesis. I will sell my soul for a good pizza. hmmm, nope, no devil. I declare this hypothesis a failure. There is no devil. Without the devil there is no god. I just proved it through scientific expermentation. I welcome anyone who wishes to replicate my research. Please let me know if you get any different results.

  • Yes, it seems everybody here has found out the great loop-hole of evangelical Christianity. Sell your soul to the devil but convert right before you die. Just be sure you don’t die in your sleep unexpectedly. Maybe if you carry a conversion note around with you, then you can be 100% guaranteed to get in heaven. 😉

    And what is the deal with Jesus not having a face?

    The above mentioned tract about liberal “good works” Christians going to hell can be found at this link.

  • Denzil went back on his deal, bad Denzil. The devil should get a lawyer and sue for breach of contract. Jebus should be sued for misappropriation of trade. Disgraceful, the only honest one of the bunch is the devil.

  • dfledermaus

    Jack Chick has been selling the same snake oil for so long it’s become collectible. I remember first seeing a Chick comic tract when I was a teenager… and I’m in my mid-50s now. The artworks’ a little better than I remember but it still hasn’t converted me.

  • Polly

    Chick Tracts are awesome. I’ve enjoyed them in half a dozen languages. The cheesey level artwork only enhances the experience.

    There was an episode of “Reaper” where someone renegges on a deal with the Devil planning to repent at the last minute after a lifetime of wealth. So, the devil is forced to try an kill him early on. (In the show, the Devil is not only real, but really the only interesting character)

  • CatBallou

    Yes, that’s the wrinkle in all those plans for a deathbed conversion: The devil is on to your little schemes, and he’s going to make sure you die suddenly with no time for prayers.
    Watch out for that truck!

  • Indigo

    “The devil already had you”? So, if Denzel had never made that deal, not gotten sick and fallen into a coma, and experienced hell, he might never have converted. I thought Satan was supposed to be clever and wily.

  • Stephan Goodwin

    I agree with dwimmerlaik81 and others…the message is TERRIBLE! This almost seems like a Poe track to me. Live however you want but accept Jesus in your heart and you are saved!

    Wow, no church, no bible, no helping others or caring for your parents. Just PARTY and love Jesus!

    Hell, if I weren’t an atheist, I’d say sign me up soul stealer! =P

  • Stephan Goodwin

    “The devil already had you”? So, if Denzel had never made that deal, not gotten sick and fallen into a coma, and experienced hell, he might never have converted. I thought Satan was supposed to be clever and wily.

    Yep, another great example of how God will let you screw yourself, but the Devil will help you out…weird.

  • withheld

    I’d love to meet the person who converts as a result of these…

    No. You wouldn’t.

    I found a Chick Tract in the bathroom at the McDonald’s I was working at when I was 17. It was about how EVIL those dirty Catholics are. Since I was Catholic and really into my faith at the time, I thought it was interesting, in a creepy kind of way. What sort of person acutally leaves helpful little tracts around to remind you that even though you are a Christian, you’re still going to hell because you aren’t the right kind? Oh, yeah. Self righteous assholes. Sorry, forgot about them.

  • Faust was better. He actually got MAGIC POWERZ for his deal with the devil. I guess even Satan is having to tighten the belt in the recession…

  • Tony

    I think most of you have come to the same conclusion I did. Thanks to Cypress Green, I went and found Proposition Player on Amazon and ordered it, looks great. I’m a big fan of the Preacher series. No thanks to Gabriel though. I replicated your experiment and the devil is in my house and won’t leave until I at least promise to look at the latest copy of Watchtower.

  • Cypress Green

    @CatBalloo; Hmm, got me thinking. Actually, the statement that ANY deal with the devil is phony was wrong! Denzil got exactly what he wanted, plus being an A student as a perk, and got exactly the number of years he paid for.

    @Tony…I think you’ll love it. I just finished the Preacher series and it was fucking AWESOME! Heaven stinks in that series, too! LOL And any series featuring intros by the likes of Penn and Kevin Smith are probably good. Maybe sometime I can find out how you liked Proposition Player. Join Daniel on Facebook and you can find me…LOL What did one of them say? Something like, “God, demons, anal rape, vampires bursting into flames, gun toting hotties and a cat in the toilet. What more could you want?”

  • Cypress Green

    Oh, yeah, that’s Daniel of Unreasonable Faith, my other favorite haunt, sorry Hermant (shamed laugh!) 🙂

  • anonymouse

    Chick tracks would be funny of this guy didn’t really believe the things he writes.

    Many are flat out racist, like this one. Have you all seen the Native American one!?! They are drunk and gambling. The abortion one is even better.
    We collect these when we see them. They appeal to the lowest common denominator. I can’t see anyone even slightly intelligent reading it and changing their minds about anything.

  • Andrew C.

    Cypress Green, have you read any of Willingham’s other stuff, like Fables?

    Avoid his superhero stuff, it’s pretty boring. He thinks every superhero should have no flaws and stand up for American Values. Basically he wants to writer every hero like Superman in the 30s. Except no use of the phrase, “Papa spank.”

  • Robyn

    This one made me more repulsed than usual. Probably because everyone looked like a Chuckie doll. Ugh.

  • llewelly

    And look: It’s Your Life has been “adapted for Black audiences”. Apparently Chick wants to be an equal-opportunity offender.

    ah, one of my old favorites. I love the faceless god.

  • Spurs Fan

    What’s disturbing to me is the motivation for “coming to Jesus”. (I was burning in hell, it was horrible, whatever I can do to save myself, I’ll do it!).

    Smells like sulpher in here!

    I also like how the doctor has no idea what is wrong with him, but automatically knows he has a week to live. Geez.

  • Seriously, where are OUR tracts? Ones that show people in trouble that reason is really a better way to live your life and there are other people out there like you?

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