Cross References in the Bible January 24, 2008

Cross References in the Bible

Chris Harrison mapped out all the social networks and cross references in the Bible.

(Cross references. Get it…? Do you…?! No? Never mind.)


As Chris says, “Due to the extremely high number of cross-references, this lands more on the aesthetic side of the information visualization spectrum.”

So don’t look for specific names/places/events. Just look at the overall image.

In an attempt to explain the picture, each horizontal axis bar represents a chapter of the Bible (in order), the size of the bar represents the length of the chapter, and the clusters of alternating grey and white bars represent different books. Finally, the beautiful colors represent the various size arc lengths.

Cool, no?

(via Kottke)

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  • Kaleena

    It’s pretty! I put it as my desktop wallpaper.


  • Kate

    This is really neat, Hemant!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • What’s that really long chapter in the middle?

  • OK, I should have googled first… “longest chapter in the bible”: google says, “Psalms 119”

  • Arlen

    That’s crazy cool looking. I wonder what is being considered a “cross-reference,” though; are these direct references, use of the same imagery, repeated phrases, or some combination thereof? It would be fun to do the same thing with a copy of Moby Dick and see what the cross-reference diagram looked like.

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