Enjoy This Pastor’s Cringe-Worthy Rap About What the “New Testa-Meant” October 1, 2021

Enjoy This Pastor’s Cringe-Worthy Rap About What the “New Testa-Meant”

Ed Young, the senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Texas, has a very long history of bad decision-making in his attempts to draw people to Jesus.

Like the time he asked his congregation to give him direct access to their bank accounts. And the time he created a sermon series trailer comparing God to the kind of drones used in war. And the time he spent 24 hours on the roof of his church in a bed with his wife to promote Purity Culture-tainted sex. And the time he gave a sermon while sitting on a king-size bed while telling couples to force themselves to sleep with their spouse every day for a week because “sex is like superglue.” And there’s the whole corporate-jet-for-personal-vacations thing.

Turns out he’s also a very bad rapper with all the confidence of an excellent one. Which is the only way I can explain this monstrosity:

This is what happens when you’re surrounded by Christians who don’t have the heart to say no to your ideas.

The comments are a trip:

Never thought Id find an irrefutable argument against Christianity, until now.

This is a disaster and an embarrassment. It’s not funny, it’s a mockery. Someone in his inner circle should’ve had the wisdom to tell him this was a terrible decision.

As a hip hop lover I feel disrespected

I guess the gospel message got through loud and clear. Well done, Ed.

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