The #ExposeChristianSchools Hashtag Reveals a Slew of Horror Stories September 30, 2021

The #ExposeChristianSchools Hashtag Reveals a Slew of Horror Stories

A couple of years ago, when Karen Pence began working at an anti-LGBTQ Christian school, there was good reason to shine a spotlight on what students actually learned at those private schools.

Sure, many of them indoctrinate kids by treating science as a hoax and preaching abstinence-only sex education… but how bad could it really get? Well, we now know some of those schools are promoting pro-Trump talking points in history books.

So it seemed as good a time as ever for writer and “Exvangelical” Chrissy Stroop to re-introduce the hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools:

The responses are worth a read. Here are just a few of them:

There are so many more responses where those came from.

And obviously these don’t represent all Christian schools or even all kinds of conservative Christian thought, but the fact that these things are happening in plain view at all should be troubling. The fact that the Christians who work at those schools and the parents who pay for their kids to go there see nothing wrong with all this ought to be a giant stain on the entire religion.

The question should be what moderate or progressive Christians are doing to fight back against the extremists in their midst. Doing nothing isn’t an option.

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