Gab Founder: I Want to Build a “Parallel Society” That Honors God and Guns September 30, 2021

Gab Founder: I Want to Build a “Parallel Society” That Honors God and Guns

In an interview with right-wing host Stew Peters, Andrew Torba, the founder of Twitter-alternative Gab, claimed that he wanted to launch a “parallel society” in which conservatives could enjoy their “freedom, family, God, guns” without those pesky liberals getting in the way.

It’s always telling when the people who scream “DEBATE ME” at every turn fantasize about living in an echo chamber. They are just unable to function in a society where people challenge their dumb ideas.

It’s also a futile idea. There’s a reason right-wing social media outlets are like crappy Christian movies: By targeting a small particular audience of believers instead of everyone, what’s the point?

Conservative trolls love Twitter because they can spread their hate on a mainstream platform; they whine when they get banned because they know Gab is inherently useless to them. Conservative pastors love YouTube because it’s the easiest way to spread their hate; they don’t want to go on Rumble because the algorithm won’t introduce their content to people who aren’t already in the cult. Winning a Christian music award might be nice, but being a Grammy nominee is so much better. You get the idea.

What Torba wants is the ability to have his misguided, racist, bigoted beliefs without any of the consequences.

His examples are also bizarre. Liberals enjoy freedom and family. Most of them believe in God. And even a large segment of Biden voters don’t want guns eliminated; they just want sensible restrictions on them. So Torba’s fantasy world is the one he already lives in. He just doesn’t like getting criticized for things like courting anti-Semites for his site.

But, hey, if his desire to create a parallel world leads conservatives to retreat from the one the rest of us live in, it’s a win-win.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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