Oklahoma Church Holds Prayer Vigil for Alleged Child Sex Predator September 29, 2021

Oklahoma Church Holds Prayer Vigil for Alleged Child Sex Predator

Last week, we learned that 33-year-old Michael Coghill had been arrested after allegedly touching at least one 9-year-old boy, inappropriately and repeatedly, at a public bus stop. The person who reported him to law enforcement decided to confront Coghill and tackle him, leaving him with “a skull fracture and cracked eye socket.”

What made the story even more disturbing was that Coghill was a “Disciple Minister: at the Lakehoma Church of Christ in Oklahoma, a position he took after a similar job at the Choctaw Church of Christ. In other words, he wasn’t just a church member; he’s a church leader who enjoys touching children on the side.

Last night, the Choctaw Church of Christ held a prayer vigil for the victim in the bus stop incident.

Wait. No. That’s not it.

The prayer vigil was for Coghill. The alleged creepster.

[Pastor Marty] Kessler said parents in his congregation have only showed support for the former minister.

“They keep coming to me saying, ‘We talked to our kids because our kids were in the youth group when Mike was here,’” Kessler said. “And they all say, ‘No way, no how.’”

Kessler said the church will come together to pray for Coghill and his family.

“We’re having a prayer vigil, we’ll call it, starting at 9 p.m. tonight going through 7 a.m. in the morning,” Kessler said. “My hope is there’s something, some kind of evidence, that in the end will prove Mike’s innocence.”

Well, if there’s evidence in Coghill’s defense, then may the justice system take care of that. But apparently the police have already said that the person who reported the crime (and beat up Coghill) has “video evidence of the alleged crime.”

In the meantime, the story is that this Oklahoma church held a ten-hour prayer vigil on behalf of an alleged sex predator because they like the guy. It never occurred to them that a man they thought they knew might have another disturbing side to him.

There’s no vigil planned for the victim(s) of the crime. There’s no video of last night’s vigil. The church’s public Facebook page appears to be temporarily down. There are no public plans to change their hiring practices or background checks.

For what it’s worth, Coghill’s current employer, the Lakehoma Church of Christ, fired him after he was arrested. Coghill has not yet been formally charged with any crimes.

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