Preacher: God Will “Destroy” America’s Enemies, Including Atheists and Woke-ists September 28, 2021

Preacher: God Will “Destroy” America’s Enemies, Including Atheists and Woke-ists

Christian evangelist Mario Murillo, who claimed earlier this year that God was exposing “woke-ism” in the church, now says that woke-ism won’t have much power anyway. That’s because God is coming for it… along with atheism and Satanism and whatever else Murillo hates.

… Somebody help me! It’s coming! The judgment on those who would destroy America is coming! Shout! Shout! Shout!…

America, God is looking at you right now, and I’m gonna tell you, your atheism isn’t gonna stick. Your woke-ism isn’t gonna stick. Your Satanism isn’t gonna stick. Your Communism isn’t gonna stick. Because there is a God who answers by fire!…

There’s no reason to buy into that thinking. People are leaving organized religion in record numbers in part because of Christian Nationalists like Murillo. Satanism is an amusing counter-balance to religion extremism. Woke-ism — which is mostly caring about social justice, inclusion, and tolerance — has no reason to disappear. And Communism isn’t an American problem; it’s just the label Christians like Murillo attach to ideas like taxing the rich at greater rates.

The only thing not sticking is the God Murillo wants everyone to accept. It doesn’t help that God’s messengers rarely do a good job of spreading His message, instead giving people every reason to walk far, far away.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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