Podcast Ep. 392: Why Did the NYT Publish This Anti-Abortion Essay? September 18, 2021

Podcast Ep. 392: Why Did the NYT Publish This Anti-Abortion Essay?

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

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— This anti-gay Wisconsin lawmaker has no idea who Harvey Milk was. (1:06)

Pastor Greg Locke was banned from Twitter. (7:57)

— 90% of atheists have been vaccinated, but only 57% of white evangelicals. (17:25)

— Pastafarians can now get a religious exemption to avoid unvaccinated co-workers. (22:10)

— This is a brilliant way to make sure people asking for “religious exemptions” to the COVID vaccine aren’t hypocrites. (24:00)

— This New York Times anti-abortion guest essay is disturbing and irresponsible. (30:15)

— The Catholic teacher who allegedly attacked a student, then got beaten up by a mother, won’t face charges. (52:10)

— The Christian lawmaker who kicked a student in the balls will avoid jail time. (55:09)

— The school board member who opposed a sensible quarantine was charged with leaving her grandkids in the car during a meeting. (1:00:57)

Bob Enyart, a Christian radio host who mocked gay people and spread COVID misinformation, died of you-know-what. (1:06:03)

— A Missouri parent claimed a pride flag in a classroom would teach their child to be gay. (1:09:10)

— An unregistered sex offender was arrested after preaching at a church event. (1:14:16)

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