Survey: 90% of Atheists Have Been Vaccinated, But Only 57% of White Evangelicals September 16, 2021

Survey: 90% of Atheists Have Been Vaccinated, But Only 57% of White Evangelicals

This chart from a new Pew Research Center survey is really incredible. It shows how, when it comes to which Americans have been vaccinated, atheists are leading the pack while white evangelical are dragging us all down.

Look at what percentage of each group has been vaccinated (with at least one shot):

90% of all atheists.

57% of all white evangelicals.

This is what happens when your non-religious beliefs involve a healthy respect for the scientific process… while another “tribe” actively rejects settled science in favor of myths, propaganda, or right-wing conspiracies.

Evangelicals aren’t “pro-life.” They’re pro-pandemic. Meanwhile, Black Protestants — who have very legitimate reasons to be skeptical about American medicine — are still faring better than evangelicals, with a 70% rate of vaccination. They have to deal with the legacy of the Tuskegee experiment and a long history of discrimination in medicine… and are still more likely to get vaccinated than white evangelicals who have no excuse whatsoever but have suddenly decided, for no good reason, that rejecting masks and shots are core components of their faith.

Our country is a more dangerous place because white evangelicals don’t have the guts or courage to tell their fellow Jesus followers to get the damn shot. Their pastors are often moral cowards. The less of a grip that their religion has over large swaths of the country, the safer we all are.

Anyone who attends a predominantly white evangelical church should be ashamed that their faith is so awful at doing the simplest things. If they can’t be trusted to get the simplest ethical questions right, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to trust that Christianity can guide them through thornier issues.

Incidentally, atheists and agnostics make up approximately 8% of the country while white evangelicals represent 30%. We need their vaccination rates to go up.

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