Tony Perkins: Man is “Responsible” for Climate Change, but the Solution is Jesus September 15, 2021

Tony Perkins: Man is “Responsible” for Climate Change, but the Solution is Jesus

Christian hate-peddler Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who admitted earlier this year that Christian warriors were “trying to take over the world,” wants you to know that he has a solution to climate change.

Perkins, perhaps surprisingly, admitted that man contributes to the climate crisis, but he immediately returned to his senses and decided the way to fix that was injecting the environment with more Jesus.

Man is responsible for the changing climate. Our sin has corrupted the environment. It began in the Garden of Eden with the fall of man. And the climate has only gotten worse ever since.

But the solution is not bigger government that will take more of your money and more of your freedoms and promise more things that they cannot deliver on. The solution is going back to the heart of the matter. Number one, Jesus is telling us this is gonna happen… This is the unfolding of human history. Yes, this is code red. The warning signs are going off all around us. But the solution is not to turn to the government, surrender more of our powers.

It is to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender our lives and everything we have to to him. And serve him faithfully in the midst of these challenging times.

The climate crisis has nothing to do with sin, but our decision to do nothing about it has quite a bit to do with Perkins’ political party and his religious ties. More Jesus won’t fix the environment. Overriding the ignorance and obstacles placed in our path by the people who believe in Jesus? That would go a long way.

You would think a God that Perkins thinks created the universe could do something to prevent its destruction, but Perkins never mentions that.

By the way, if it strikes you as odd that Perkins would admit climate change is real, remember that in 2016, his Louisiana home was flooded to the point where his family had to evacuate by canoe. He knows what the effects of climate change look like. But he predictably refuses to admit there are tangible steps our government could take to mitigate the damage — and lacks the courage to tell Republicans to stop getting in the way of people who understand the problem and are much, much smarter than they are.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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