Christian Preacher: If You Challenge My Lies About Trump, It’s “Grievous to God” September 9, 2021

Christian Preacher: If You Challenge My Lies About Trump, It’s “Grievous to God”

Nebraska preacher and false prophet Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries has been saying for months now that the 2020 election “was, in fact, stolen” (which it absolutely was not). And because facts mean absolutely nothing now, Kunneman is now insisting that questioning his visions regarding Donald Trump isn’t just offensive to him, but grievous to God:

“So, God knew ahead of time that they were going to do this,” he said. “So, anybody out there, if you are saying the election wasn’t stolen, that it’s the big 45 lie, you need to absolutely get a clue. Yeah, you really do. You’re wanting to not believe it on purpose. And that is grievous to God because God already said ahead of time this is what they were going to do.

History has not been kind to similar “prophets” who name specific dates for spiritual happenings — usually regarding the Second Coming of Christ. At any rate, democracy is (or should be, anyway) a lot easier to predict. Kunneman should know that better than most, given that he was saying something very different in August, before the election.

Right Wing Watch hasn’t forgotten:

[This week,] Kunneman claimed that on Aug. 16, 2020, “God prophesied through this vessel here that they would steal the election.”

Of course, if anyone watches the “prophecy” that Kunneman delivered on Aug. 16, they will see that his message then was exactly the opposite of what he now claims it to be. He asserted at the time that God would thwart the plans of the enemy to sow chaos and steal the election.

Kunneman nonetheless asserted Tuesday that anyone who calls him a false prophet is failing a test laid out by God.

Trump can run again in 2024. But he’s not about to be “reinstated.” That’s not how anything works. Kunneman, if he had any sense of humility, would apologize and admit his failures. He won’t. We know he won’t. When reality fails to live up to his expectations, humility goes right out the doors. He’s chosen to double down and use spiritual blackmail against his opponents.

Call that whatever you want, but it’s not what Jesus would do.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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