Christian “Prophetess”: God Will “Do Something” to Restore Trump as President September 3, 2021

Christian “Prophetess”: God Will “Do Something” to Restore Trump as President

What does having the gift of prophecy mean anymore if you make all kinds of crazy predictions and then none of them come true? That’s not prophecy. That’s just guessing! And Kat Kerr isn’t even a good guesser. In the same week when she falsely claimed to take “authority” over Hurricane Ida, she also said her earlier predictions about Donald Trump being re-elected were right all along.

This country — hello! — we have someone who’s truly in charge, who is not the one who’s sitting there now. Our president is legitimate, and his name is Donald Trump. I’m just gonna say it. And they’re gonna find out anyway, just like God said… A hundred million people know it! And you can’t come and take the country away from people who aren’t participating… We the people, the moral majority, and most of them born again Christians, don’t want what’s happening… God is going to do something about it.

Her president is Joe Biden whether she likes it or not, just as Democrats weren’t thrilled when Trump was president. Which, for the record, isn’t now. Democrats accepted the loss, tough as it was, and fought to fix the future. That’s what mature adults do.

Kerr can keep repeating her lies over and over, but that doesn’t change the facts. There’s no evidence of the kind of voter fraud that would change election results. At this point, Trump doesn’t even want to be president. He can deliver speeches whenever he wants to an audience of gullible sycophants without the responsibility of having to do anything of substance. It’s his fantasy come true. The only thing he wants from the presidency is the immunity from legal threats, which Kerr’s crowd probably also believes are illegitimate.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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