MAGA Cultist: We Should Literally Starve Democratic Cities Until Biden Resigns September 2, 2021

MAGA Cultist: We Should Literally Starve Democratic Cities Until Biden Resigns

Right-wing broadcaster Josh Bernstein, who once called for the execution of a congresswoman and more recently threatened “grave consequences” if Democrats passed a voting rights bill, is always eager to show “Christian love” to his enemies.

Now he’s saying Democrats should be starved for the remainder of the Biden administration. Just to make them suffer.

“I think that we should have a permanent ban on delivering goods and services into big, blue dominant liberal cities in America,” Bernstein said in a video from his eponymous show posted ​to Rumble Tuesday. “I think that the truckers should boycott big blue cities in California, New York and Chicago and Houston, and everywhere else — Detroit — anywhere where there are tons of registered Democrats. I would do it, honestly, by ZIP code. So, in other words, I’m sure these groups that are forming can get ahold of voter registrations in some of these big cities and cities that are dominated with Democrats. We need to squeeze them dry.”

“You get nothing,” Bernstein added. “You get nothing delivered. You get no food. You get no shelter. You can get no water. You get no supplies. You get nothing until this illegal administration, this treasonous dictatorship, steps down. And I’m not talking just the dementia pedophile, either. I’m talking all of them step down because they’re not supposed to be there in the first place because they stole their power. They did not earn their power. People did not vote for these scumbags, and therefore they are illegitimate.

How does it make any sense to argue Democrats didn’t “earn their power” in the large cities where everyone knows there are tons of Democrats? Forget the fictional fraud claims; this one doesn’t even pass the common sense test.

But more to the point: Bernstein is calling for murder. He’s even willing to sacrifice Republicans (and conservative Christians!) in those cities — because obviously Democrats don’t make up 100% of the population! He sounds no different than the medieval crusader who said to his soldiers, “Kill them all. God will know his own.”

Can you imagine if a prominent Democrat said we should withhold vaccines from Mississippi because it’s predominantly Republicans? You can’t because it would never happen. The Democratic Party, for all its flaws, doesn’t use genocide as a partisan talking point.

It’s telling that Bernstein’s party can’t win on merit alone; Bernstein thinks they literally have to starve out the competition to get the White House back.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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