Anti-Mask Christian Nurse in FL to School Board: “You Are All Demonic Entities” September 1, 2021

Anti-Mask Christian Nurse in FL to School Board: “You Are All Demonic Entities”

Another conservative Christian mother. Another insane rant at a school board meeting arguing that students should be allowed to spread and infect people with COVID because face masks are a form of persecution.

This time, the mom in question is from Lee County, Florida:

My name is Melissa, I have two daughter in the school system.

These are demonic entities and we need to stick together. Remember, we have authority in Christ Jesus. These are demonic entities in all the school boards in all the United States of America. And all of us Christians will be sticking together to take them all out.

All the police officers that take us out for our First Amendment right will also be going down with them. Do you understand?

I’m a nurse, infectious disease, 13 years. Masks don’t work. These doctors that sit up here… sneering at us like we’re scumbags, they need to go back to fucking medical school

… You need to remember, natural immunity is best. You are all demonic entities. You are going to be taken down.

… Did the crazy nurse woman just declare a Jesus-fueled holy war on the people trying to save everyone’s lives?

(By the way, don’t confuse being a “nurse” with being a registered nurse (RN). It’s possible to have that title without having the credentials and experience we typically associate with more qualified nurses. According to information floating around online, this woman is not an RN.)

Needless to say, she’s wrong about everything. Masks do work. There are no “demonic entities.” And she can’t possibly think doctors need to “go back to fucking medical school” when she’s refusing to listen to all the experts who graduated from medical school who are telling everyone they can to wear masks and get vaccinated.

Here’s the bigger issue: Some of you are going to want to write her off as an anomaly. Some will say she’s mentally unwell. There’s no reason to think any of that. She’s acting like this because she has the support of the people in her family, her friend circles, and her church community. None of those people have the heart to tell her she’s a moron who’s putting everyone else at risk because she doesn’t understand how COVID and vaccines work but has plenty of unearned confidence. Until they find that courage, we’re all at the mercy of ignorant people like these, who think they have some faith-based right to hurt as many people as they can.

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