Pastor: If Jesus Were Here Today, He’d Say COVID “Will Not Get You!” August 30, 2021

Pastor: If Jesus Were Here Today, He’d Say COVID “Will Not Get You!”

What does it look like when an irresponsible Christian pastor teaches his congregation that trusting Jesus makes them immune from all diseases? Just ask the aptly named Pastor David Crank of Missouri’s Faith Church, who told his congregation last month that Jesus could cure COVID.

He then shared that clip a few days ago — with visuals — because he was pretty damn proud of spreading this lie.

If Jesus Himself came here today, He would say, “I am the Lord that heals you and none of the diseases — COVID? Will not get you. Every strain of COVID? will not get you. Cancer will not get you! Because I have NASA’d that sickness and the disease off of you, and you’re forever healed and made whole.”

(His clip literally includes a rocket emoji for “NASA’d.”)

Of course, thousands upon thousands of Bible-believing Christians have died of COVID already. Their faith didn’t protect them because the virus doesn’t care what anyone believes. Meanwhile, good luck finding anything this church has to say about masks or vaccines. There’s no indication they’re avoiding in-person indoor services, urging members to get their shots, or do anything of substance to avoid spreading the virus.

(via @ChristnNitemare)

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