Christian Woman Sues CDC, Dr. Fauci, Krispy Kreme, and Others Over Mask Mandates August 30, 2021

Christian Woman Sues CDC, Dr. Fauci, Krispy Kreme, and Others Over Mask Mandates

Jennifer J. Reinoehl, a woman from Indiana who suffers from asthma, recently filed a federal lawsuit against the CDC, Krispy Kreme, Sephora, AMC Theaters, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and many other government agencies and individuals, claiming that their face mask mandates discriminate against her.

The way she’s trying to prove that point, however, makes it impossible to take her seriously.

For example, she condemns Fauci and the CDC for conducting research on mask use “without [her] consent.” She says statewide mask mandates in Indiana encourage people to place their “dirty, bacteria laden masks” on eating surfaces in restaurants and pushes them to avoid washing their hands since they would have to put on their masks before going to the bathroom. And here’s her ever-so-dramatic story about the HORRORS that occurred at Krispy Kreme:

On or about June 5, 2020, Jennifer Reinoehl had promised her daughter, S.A. that she would purchase doughnuts for the students and teacher of S.A.’s driver’s education class on its last day. S.A. requested Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Jennifer Reinoehl went to the Krispy Kreme Store where there was an extremely long drive-thru line that wrapped around the building and did not appear to be moving. There were only two people in line inside the store.

Jennifer Reinoehl was forbidden entry into the store without a mask. She explained to the store manager that she had a medical disability and could not wear a mask but was still denied entry.

Jennifer Reinoehl, having promised her daughter doughnuts, returned to the car, donned a mask, and waited in line in the store for 10 minutes to get the doughnuts. She had an asthma attack in the store as a result of wearing the mask. Store employees, including the manager, were unconcerned she was having an asthma attack. They told her she had the option of going through the drive-thru if she did not want to wear a mask. They told her that going through the drive-thru was an acceptable accommodation.

Good lord, what a nightmare human. Reinoehl’s entire lawsuit reads like this. She’s someone who demands everything and she doesn’t give a damn who might get hurt as a result of her selfishness.

For the record, there are medical exemptions to mask mandates in certain places — but no one has to go to a particular restaurant, much less stand inside because the drive-thru isn’t their favorite option.

The 380-page filing also includes evidence from over a century ago suggesting masks don’t work… as if the threat of COVID and the efficacy of masks should be judged by what people understood 100 years ago.

Naturally, she’s representing herself. No credible lawyer would be caught dead filing a lawsuit this ridiculous. And — you knew this was coming — she told Business Insider she decided to file the lawsuit because God urged her to:

Reinoehl, who is a non-denominational Protestant Christian, said she fasted and prayed for about a month earlier this year, seeking a solution to pandemic safety measures that she saw as cut-and-dry government overreach. She said the answer she found was that she should bring the lawsuit.

“I felt like God was directing me to file a lawsuit,” she said. “Because I know I’m not the only person. There have been other people who’ve told me they struggle, and they’ve probably had some even worse experiences than me.”

Oh no… Did those other people have to get their donuts from the drive-thru? Won’t someone think of the children?!

If you really want a good laugh, check out her 246-page document of exhibits… which reads as the equivalent of someone who tells you on Facebook that she did her own research, thank you very much. She also says she has an undergraduate science degree, as if that gives her enough authority to reject what scientists who have spent their careers studying infectious diseases have been saying.

The only thing this lawsuit shows us is that Reinoehl has too much free time. Because she sure as hell doesn’t have a winning case.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Karen for the link)

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