Christian “Prophetess” Tries (and Fails) to Take “Authority” Over Hurricane Ida August 30, 2021

Christian “Prophetess” Tries (and Fails) to Take “Authority” Over Hurricane Ida

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, who regularly makes up lies about what Heaven is like, also has a long history of claiming to destroy hurricanes.

In 2018, she said Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 storm that thankfully weakened before it hit Hawaii, wasn’t harmful because her prayers “shredded” the storm.

That year, she also said she took “authority” over Hurricane Florence… which ended up being extremely destructive.

In 2019, she said she “CRUSHED” Hurricane Dorian with her prayers… even though the storm killed over 80 people and caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage.

And last year, she promised there would be “no destruction in any way” from Hurricanes Laura and Marco… even though Laura caused dozens of deaths and nearly $20 billion in damages.

Kat Kerr doesn’t have a good track record on predicting the weather is my point.

And yet, on Friday, referring to Hurricane Ida, Kerr said she and her thousands of “Weather Warriors” were taking “authority” over it and wouldn’t tolerate “any destruction, any death, any severe flooding… no damage of any kind whatsoever.” (When she made this video, Ida was a Category 1 storm.)

We say to you, Ida, you will become nothing, in Jesus’ name. We have authority over you because Christ took authority over the storms and stopped them. We have the right to do that to you… So, Ida, we say you will become nothing, in Jesus’ name. We command the millibars and the pressure in you to rise, rise, rise!…

We command the storm to be downgraded, in Jesus’ name, because we have authority over it. We are over the weather, not under the weather. And we tell Ida, you will not become anything! You may bring refreshing rain, but no severe flooding, no storm damage, no tornadoes, no death or dying… You will not keep going and bring death and destruction. You can only go to the dry parts — areas — and bring rain that will nourish the Earth. So in Jesus’ name, we have dealt with Ida.

By early Sunday morning, Hurricane Ida had become a Category 4 storm and threatened to do some major damage to New Orleans and surrounding areas.

What did Kat Kerr do? She was right back to her old games, commanding the storm to dissipate… which it clearly wasn’t doing. Kerr added, falsely, that Ida was “already starting to fall apart.”

After issuing the same kind of threat against the storm, she added with complete confidence:

I believe that we will begin to create a wall of faith in the Gulf, so the storms cannot come ashore.

The prayer wall broke faster than the levees during Hurricane Katrina. By Sunday night, Hurricane Ida had left more than half a million people without power, flooding everywhere, at least one death (as of this writing), and a level of damage that’s too early to measure.

So what went wrong? Maybe Kerr should’ve used her scepter. Or maybe she should’ve just admitted she’s a liar.

What if some of her viewers live in affected areas but chose not to leave their homes because they falsely believed that God would take care of them? These aren’t merely idle Christian wishes. These are Christians with followers saying misguided and potentially harmful things because they believe they have magical powers. It’s not funny; it’s disturbing.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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