FL Pastor Charged in Capitol Riot Urges GOP to “Rise Up” Against Homosexuality August 26, 2021

FL Pastor Charged in Capitol Riot Urges GOP to “Rise Up” Against Homosexuality

Earlier this year, Kevin Tuck, an officer with the Windermere Police Department in Florida, participated in the attack at the U.S. Capitol. He was arrested and charged with crimes connected to his alleged participation in July — then resigned the same day.

But unlike many other people facing similar charges — including his adult son — Tuck isn’t keeping quiet. In a YouTube video released this month, the former cop who also served as pastor at The Lighthouse Church in Apopka urged “patriots” to “rise up”… against homosexuality.

“The Republican Party is weak,” Kevin Tuck said. “We need to rise up and be conservative again. Do you remember what conservative means, Republicans? Hear me out: We are embracing the homosexual lifestyle as if this is normal.”

Of all the things wrong with the Republican Party, “embracing the homosexual lifestyle” wasn’t on anyone’s list. The party is very clearly anti-gay, anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-common sense, anti-voting, and pro-Trump.

But even so, it’s not like anyone was asking Tuck to be an ally. Stop being an obstacle to civil rights, sure, but getting out of the way doesn’t make you a champion of the oppressed. He’s acting like his own heterosexuality is at risk, which says more about him than the people he’s condemning.

In other words, there’s nothing new to see here. It’s just another MAGA cultist ranting about a subject he knows nothing about. It’s the prelude to a possible jail sentence.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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