Democrats Can Benefit from a Less-Religious America (If They Openly Embrace It) August 26, 2021

Democrats Can Benefit from a Less-Religious America (If They Openly Embrace It)

In a piece for the New York Times, researcher and professor Ryan Burge writes about how atheists are reshaping the political landscape and why Democrats, especially, need to pay more attention.

With white evangelicals on the demographic decline and the Republican Party’s continued reliance on them for elections — and an inability to grow the party too far beyond that because of their self-imposed Trump-obsessed pro-cruelty anti-science derangement syndrome — it’s a perfect opportunity for Democrats to take advantage by embracing secular values.

The best part about it? They don’t even have to do anything they don’t want to do!

We’re not asking for them to pander to us. We’re not asking for special treatment. We don’t need them to promote atheism while working in the government. We’re not calling on them to alienate the mainstream religious voters they desperately need! Democrats just need to lean in to their more progressive policies — things like church/state separation, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, environmentalism, equity for all, science-informed decision making etc.

Data indicates that atheists are the most politically active religious group in the United States in recent years. In a 2018 survey, atheists were twice as likely to donate money or work for a political candidate as white evangelicals. Atheists want the Democratic Party to become more progressive and are unlikely to remain silent if they don’t see changes.

Damn right. It’s about time we use whatever influence we have to make the country a more sensible, secular one. And it’s long overdue for Democrats to take us seriously as a constituency.

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