Police Fine Sydney Churchgoers $1,000 Each for Violating Local Lockdown Orders August 24, 2021

Police Fine Sydney Churchgoers $1,000 Each for Violating Local Lockdown Orders

They take COVID lockdowns seriously in Sydney, Australia. How seriously? They don’t care if you’re in church. If you’re in a large gathering in violation of the rules, they’re going to punish you.

That’s what happened on Sunday night at Christ Embassy Sydney church, where police ticketed 31 people with fines of $1,000 each.

Police went to Christ Embassy Sydney church around 7.30pm on Sunday after being tipped off about a gathering in breach of public health orders.

They found a group of about 60 adults and children inside the Fourth Avenue building, listening to a sermon.

Thirty adults were fined $1,000 each and the church was issued a $5,000 penalty.

The police minister, David Elliott, was “quite stunned” by the reckless behaviour, saying if major cathedrals can stream services then suburban churches can as well.

That’s about $36,000 that could’ve gone to the church if these worshipers weren’t so reckless with their pretend victimhood.

Incidentally, this church is part of a larger group known for spreading COVID conspiracy theories. During the now-deleted stream of the Sunday service, one man was heard saying to the congregation, “In the name of Jesus we refuse every lockdown in our cities. We declare the lockdowns are over in the name of Jesus.”

They’re not over. Because of ignorant Christians like these, it’s possible the lockdowns will have to last even longer. But at least law enforcement has the good sense not to let them get away with it. These people deserve to be punished, mocked, and condemned by the wider community for putting so many lives in danger.

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