Death Cult Preacher Hands Out “Exemption Letters” to Anti-Vaxxer Christians August 20, 2021

Death Cult Preacher Hands Out “Exemption Letters” to Anti-Vaxxer Christians

For much of the past year, Pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Church in Rocklin, California has been blaming church closures on “liberal crazies and Satan” instead of COVID. Multiple churchgoers allegedly tested positive for COVID. He celebrated that outbreak by saying “the favor of God is on this house!”

But what he’s doing now exceeds even all that when it comes to spreading harm.

Under the guise of being “pro-freedom” rather than “anti-vaccine,” Fairrington is now handing out faith-based exemption letters for anyone who wants them. In theory, those letters would allow unvaccinated people to attend school or work or other public spaces — where they could spread the virus (or a more dangerous variant) to others.

According to a report from KCRA, some people traveled two hours to pick up the letters from Fairrington — meaning they weren’t even members of his church.

“America is a free country,” the pastor said. “We have freedom of religion, and if a person has a moral objection to taking a vaccine, we want to come alongside of them.”

He went on to say that Sunday’s lines of people who wanted to receive an “exemption letter” were “enormous,” adding people were emotional as they received the forms.

“I wouldn’t say we’re anti-vaccine,” he told the outlet when he was asked if he opposes the COVID-19 inoculations. “Now, if we start looking at how some of it was developed, we would have another conversation. But I’m [for] freedom of conscience. I want people to make a choice, and if a person feels morally compromised, then we want to give them the ability to say, ‘This is something I don’t want to participate in.’

“So I wouldn’t say we’re anti-vaccine at all,” Fairrington continued. “Some of my closest and dearest friends have taken the vaccine.”

No sentence that begins “Some of my closest and dearest friends…” ever ends well.

Needless to say, this isn’t a personal decision because it affects everyone else. It’s as if Greg Fairrington just handed a bunch of drunk drivers the keys to their cars in the name of “freedom.” He ignores how their reckless actions could hurt a bunch of other innocent people. He just doesn’t care.

It’s truly shameful how polarizing a life-saving jab has become. The vaccine shouldn’t have anything to do with religion or politics, but conservatives have decided it is and they’ve chosen the side of irresponsibility and harm. For all their “pro-life” rhetoric, it’s clear they would rather see people suffer and die than do the bare minimum to end a deadly pandemic that already caused several lifetimes’ worth of damage.

No wonder people in other countries are shaking their heads at us.

If Fairrington and the Christians he leads actually cared about morality, they would have stood in line to get their shots. Instead, Fairrington has decided their lives — and the lives of everyone around them — are worth sacrificing in order to boost his own ego.

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