“Prophetess” Defends Her Lies: You People “Don’t Understand the Spirit Realm” August 19, 2021

“Prophetess” Defends Her Lies: You People “Don’t Understand the Spirit Realm”

For years now, self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr has been making up stories about what Heaven is like. She says there are volcanoes that you can ride down as if in an amusement park, and that there’s football in Heaven, and that God keeps a warehouse in Heaven for anyone who needs a new kidney.

Naturally, people want to know: How come her prophecies never match those of other prophets who also claim to know what Heaven is like? And why should we believe her when it seems pretty clear she’s lying?

The always-gullible Steve Shultz posed those questions to her yesterday, and her response wasn’t to deny that she’s lying. Instead she just said her truths existed in a spiritual realm that some mortals just couldn’t understand.

It’s usually mostly they don’t understand the Spirit Realm… Most people don’t have it in their head what that is, so they don’t understand the difference between truths in the Spirit Realm and truths in the Natural.

The Spirit Realm is the original Realm. It’s where the Father operates. It’s where He lives. It’s what His world is made out of. And He’s the one — the Father is the one — who’s got the greatest revelations. He knows things even His Son doesn’t. His Son doesn’t mind that at all. And so the Father has some of the highest revelations. And when you get revelation on the Word itself, it opens up the whole Word to you and then you get excited…

God’s not something you understand with your head knowledge. Your Spirit Man is the one that receives things of the Spirit. And if you’re judging by the flesh, or according to the flesh, you’re going to miss it…

… Therefore, it gives you a lot more accuracy, or at least detail and understanding, about what God is doing and saying

That is a very long way to say she’s a liar who makes all these stories up on the spot.

In Kerr’s mind, everything she says is true because it occurs in a realm that others just can’t see. See?! She’s not a liar! She just lives in Opposite World and you can’t see it, so it’s all your fault!

Much easier to use that excuse than to admit there’s just one realm and she’s woefully deluded.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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