MAGA Cultist: Democrats Will Face “Grave Consequences” if Voting Bill Passes August 19, 2021

MAGA Cultist: Democrats Will Face “Grave Consequences” if Voting Bill Passes

A year ago, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein called for the execution of a congresswoman.

Looks like he hasn’t changed one bit. On his talk show this week, Bernstein threatened violence and wished for his political enemies to burn in Hell. What inspired the hate-filled rant? The fight to defend voting rights.

The Communist scumbag, Senate Majority Leader Chuck-y Schumer, who I can only hope, one day, burns in Hell for even being alive because of what an evil, sick, twisted bastard he is, tried to pass… the absolutely misnamed For the Peoples [sic] Act — which is really For the Democrat Party’s Act, let’s face it — and they tried to do it in the middle of the night. Now, this pile of hot steaming dogshit would have federalized our elections.

Let this be a warning and a message, okay, to the fraudulent presidency. To the FBI, to the CIA, to the Department of Justice, to every swinging dick Democrat in America, and anybody else that supports this fraudulent regime, including the scumbag RINO Republicans, okay?

If you take away our right to a free and fair election, and our God-given constitutional right to be able to vote in a free and fair election, there’s gonna be grave consequences. Do you understand me? That ain’t no threat. That’s a direct promise. There will be grave consequences. And those grave consequences are not gonna be on our side, I can guarantee you that. Because there are a hell of lot more of us than there are of you. And as Rand Paul said, “You can’t arrest us all.” Well, guess what? You can’t even kill us all, either. And we are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect this nation. I’ll leave it at that.

It should go without saying that the voting rights legislation proposed by Democrats would make it easier to vote, and eliminate gerrymandering, and give states the ability to pay for better equipment and proper oversight. Bernstein is promoting the current hijacking of the voting process by Republicans who can’t win in those free and fair elections.

Anyway, if you take a shot for every time he uses descriptors like “steaming dogshit,” “Communist scumbag,” “evil, sick, twisted bastard,” “swinging dick Democrat,” etc… well, let’s just hope you don’t live in a county that’s all out of hospital space, because your liver may not make it through the night. It’s hard to take Bernstein seriously when he’s more interested in coming up with different insults than researching any of the things he’s talking about.

Let’s face it: Bernstein can name-call all he wants, but it won’t change the fact that he’s only upset because, in many parts of the country, his party can’t win without suppressing votes (i.e. cheating). It’s the consequence of being known for what they’re against rather than what they’re for. They only hurt themselves by showing the country over and over again how little they care about the American people. Turns out opposing minimum wage hikes, welcoming refugees, and making schools safer for kids through the use of face masks doesn’t sit well with voters of all stripes.

The irony is that Bernstein could easily find things to criticize Democrats about — with good reason! He’s not interested in making those arguments, though. He’s just a failed insult comic whose “brand” is nothing more than mocking liberals for an audience of clueless sycophants.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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