GOP Senate Candidate: My Decisions Would Rely on the Constitution and the Bible August 19, 2021

GOP Senate Candidate: My Decisions Would Rely on the Constitution and the Bible

Josh Mandel is the former Ohio lawmaker and State Treasurer who’s now running for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate on a platform of just plain being a MAGA cultist who thinks the Bible should govern everyone’s lives. Last month, he took a torch to the Constitution and tweeted, “The Bible and the Constitution are not supposed to be separate.”

It wasn’t a one-off thing, either. A couple of weeks ago, he called for a “Judeo-Christian revolution,” which is frightening to those of us who recognize we’re already living in a country that’s being destroyed in large part because conservative Christians have too much power.

On Saturday, during a campaign stop, he reiterated his Christians-only platform, telling the crowd that when he’s in office, he’ll make decisions with two documents in mind:

“In this country right now, we’re in a fight,” Mandel said. “We’re in a fight against the radical left, who are trying to take away our guns. We’re in a fight against the secular left, which is trying to take God out of all aspects in our life. My feeling is we shouldn’t be watering down our Judeo-Christian values; we should be doubling down on those Judeo-Christian values and instilling God in all aspects of the classroom, of work, and of society.

“When I get to Washington, I’m going to make decisions with two documents in hand,” he added. “With the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other.”

He doesn’t seem to recognize that those documents stand directly in opposition with each other at various points. Someone ought to ask him which one takes precedence when there’s a conflict. We already know the answer.

That’s not even the big takeaway from that video, which is that Mandel said he would eliminate the U.S. Postal Service, claiming that it’s “unconstitutional.” It’s not. In fact, the postal service is one of the only departments our Constitution requires the government to operate.

But it’s not surprising he’s unfamiliar with the Constitution. Like the Bible, he doesn’t read any of these things. He just likes to cite them in front of people who are even dumber than he is, in the hopes they’ll cast a vote for power and religious domination instead of intelligence or competence.

Needless to say, Mandel would be a disaster in office because he’s not interested in making the country a better place. He’s only interested in punishing everyone who doesn’t share his conservative Christian bigotry. The question is whether enough Republican primary voters share his despicable views.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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