Christian Radio Host Who Discouraged Getting the Vaccine Dies of COVID August 17, 2021

Christian Radio Host Who Discouraged Getting the Vaccine Dies of COVID

Jimmy DeYoung Sr., the host of the Christian radio show “Prophecy Today” and a man who spread misinformation about COVID to his audience and discouraged his audience from getting vaccinated, has died of you-know-what.

America’s beloved Bible Prophecy Teacher Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. passed away early Sunday morning, according to his wife Judy. Dr. DeYoung had been admitted to Memorial Hospital on Aug. 7. His wife had requested prayer for her husband a short time after he was diagnosed with COVID. He had preached at the Church of the Highlands in Harrison on Aug. 1. That was his last known speaking engagement.

His wife also caught COVID but she appears to be recovering.

I still have a hard time finding empathy for people like him — people who had an audience and encouraged them to make the worst possible decisions. How many Christians suffered because they trusted him? How many people decided Jesus would heal them so they put themselves in a position to infect everyone around them?

DeYoung didn’t have to die. He chose to by refusing to accept advice from people who knew more about the virus than he did. At least now, he can’t hurt anyone else by insisting the vaccination is a “personal decision.”

(via Joe. My. God.)

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