Archbishop of Dublin: Evidence of Christian Belief in Ireland Has “Vanished” August 17, 2021

Archbishop of Dublin: Evidence of Christian Belief in Ireland Has “Vanished”

The Church in Ireland is rapidly disappearing. The number of people who practice Catholicism is in decline.

Those are the words of the Archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell (below), in an interview with “Síolta,” a journal published by the seminary at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

“The challenges facing me are pretty clear. We have an ageing clergy and very few vocations to the diocesan priesthood or religious life. There is a major decline in the number of people who actively practice and live their faith.

“The current model of the Church is unsustainable,” he said. In Dublin there was need “for an effective programme of catechetics throughout the diocese to add to and, eventually, replace the current teaching of faith to the young. With the gradual decline of family socialisation in religion, the role of the qualified catechist will be essential. In my opinion, the handing on of the Faith to the young is one of the most serious challenges facing our Church today.”

Well, well, well, whose fault is that?

Between telling priests they can’t have families or sex, and the child raping, and the treatment of women, and the bigoted views on LGBTQ people, and the thoughtless views on abortion and sex, their harmful-to-many hospitals, and the fact that everything they believe is bullshit, they’re not exactly selling a product everyone’s clamoring for.

For all the solace and comfort they may provide believers, they have done far more harm than good. Their faith also requires them to cling to those despicable beliefs no matter how obvious it becomes that certain beliefs are well past their expiration dates.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Eoin for the link)

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