Kunneman Still Claims the 2020 Election Was Stolen: “The Evidence Is Factual!” August 13, 2021

Kunneman Still Claims the 2020 Election Was Stolen: “The Evidence Is Factual!”

Because some people still can’t get over the 2020 elections, Nebraska preacher and false prophet Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries used a recent sermon to allege, falsely, that Donald Trump is still president because votes were stolen from him.

(They were not. Trump is just a sore loser.)

… So you’ve got people out there right now that are going, “Well, I just don’t believe all that. It wasn’t stolen. It’s just a bunch of you Trump-lovers, that you just hope that it–”

NO! The evidence is factual! It does not and it will not lie!… Anybody that wants to doubt that our election was stolen ought to go back [to] what happened that night. C’mon, just use your brain! Why in God’s name, or any other name, would you have a president who’s winning and leading by a landslide, the numbers are showing it, and all of a sudden… everything shuts down in the nation… and they say, “Wait! Whoa! The election is over!”

Because many Biden supporters voted by mail, which took longer to tabulate, and once those results started getting counted, it became clear that Biden had won in several key states.

This isn’t complicated. In fact, that delayed “blue shift” was predicted months ahead of time.

The irony is that the U.S. Senate has a bill on the table that could allow for faster counting of mail-in ballots and the ability to avoid this much confusion in the future… but it hasn’t been passed due to all Republicans and a couple of filibuster-obsessed Democrats refusing to do what’s necessary to pass it.

This isn’t about voter fraud. This is about Republicans like Kunneman refusing to understand what everyone else knows very well. It’s also a big reason why Kunneman is against making early voting more accessible and mail-in ballots sent to voters in advance: because the people most likely to use them are Democrats. When your policies are no good and your numbers are in free fall, the only hope of electoral success is sowing misinformation and suppressing the vote.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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